The best packaging for drinking water

Düker GmbH

The corrosion protection of ductile cast iron valves and fittings has to meet all requirements in terms of hygiene when used in drinking water systems. Products which fulfil these requirements are produced from glass, for example. When used for the lining and coating of valves and fittings, Düker GmbH relies, among other things, on “molten glass” or “technical glass”, better known as “enamel”. Cast iron and enamel, both recy­clable materials, offer a demon­strably long working life. They can be effortlessly recycled and thus offer effective protection for climate and environment. However, it is not simply the materials which are so important. It is only by taking account of operational aspects during the development stage, such as the ability of pipelines to be filled and emptied without pressure shocks (butterfly valve type 4510), or the prevention of residual water build-up to ensure the highest degree of good hygiene (TOP 1014 tapping valve), that truly practical products can be produced.

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