Relocation of a water supply pipeline at Roding (Upper Palatinate)

Federal highway 85 connects district capital Cham westwards with Schwandorf and Roding and the A 93 motorway. In order to improve the transport links of the entire district of Cham and to increase traffic safety, Federal highway 85 is being extended. In the course of this project a southern bypass is being constructed for the area of Neubäu am See.

The “Roding” water transport pipeline between the pumping station at Neubäu am See and the Reichenbach elevated tank therefore had to be relocated. This pipeline belongs to the Kreiswerke Cham, a utility company with its administrative and operating headquarters for water supply in Neubäu am See, an area of the town of Roding, and it supplies around 40,000 inhabitants of the Old District of Roding and a few neighbouring communities in the Districts of Schwandorf and Regensburg with drinking water. The part of the supply pipeline affected by the relocation operates at a pressure of 30 bars. In total, 348 m of ductile iron pipes in nominal DN 400 were installed. The pipes were supplied with BLS®/VRS®-T restrained push-in joints and a cement mortar coating (Figure 1). The installation of the durable piping system in the pipe trench with the assembly device and locking elements for the BLS®/VRS®-T push-in joint is shown in Figure 2.

Fig. 1:
Ductile iron pipes with the BLS®/VRS®-T push-in joint before installation

Fig. 2:
Locking elements (black and red) shortly before installation in the BLS®/VRS®-T restrained push-in joint

Two important reasons prompted Kreiswerke Cham to decide in favour of this ductile iron pipe system:

1. The high operating pressures of 30 bars
2. The long working life of cast iron pipes with cement mortar coating.

Work on the pipeline commenced in mid-July 2016. Not least because of the ease of assembly of the push-in joints,
the new section was able to be put into operation as early as the end of August 2016.

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