Supervised drinking water network

vonRoll hydro: Catcher Monitoring System 

While quality parameters of drinking water used only to be measured in the untreated water and at the waterworks, as well as after treatment, these days data on the complete infrastructure right through to the house connection are both of interest and significant. Pipes, valves, hydrants and cast iron construction components have become intelligent inter­faces for data collection and control.

With its new and highly innovative Catcher Monitoring System products and services, vonRoll hydro has injected intelligence into the supply network. CATCHER MONI­TORING SYSTEM components are easily installed in today’s supply systems. The most up-to-date sensor and data transmission technologies (CATCHER) plus visualisation tools (MONITORING) add up to security of supply for the future. The modular-design, fully integrated system combined with HYDROPORT 3.0 visualisa­tion and control software turns a pipe network into the SMARTNET of the future. HYDROPORT is based on Google Maps or other mapping systems which offers those in charge the simplest means of monitoring the current condition of their infrastructure at any time.

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