The best reason – a good reason

Regional manufacturing with short distances are two of the eight good reasons for ductile iron pipe systems.

Associated with this are

  • delivery reliability
  • compliance with occupational safety and social standards valid in Europe, and
  • manufacturing in compliance with high environmental standards.

While security of supply was still an abstract concept before the Corona crisis, the scarcity of face masks and medicines made us all aware that demand could not be met with products manufactured in Europe. The dependence of the European economy on global supply chains was flushed to the surface of daily news reports.

Leckortung: Korrelation entlang der Bahntrasse im Hydroport.
Guter Grund


Another side effect of the now subsiding corona wave is an asymmetric development of production activities and a correspondingly asymmetric raw material demand, coupled with low logistics capacities. We are all feeling the consequences in the form of a scarcity of products and associated price increases.

High-quality scrap, from which pipes, fittings and valves are largely made, are also affected by the price increases ( However, the supply capability could be guaranteed at all times due to regional supply chains and regional manufacturing with reliable partners.

Regional manufacturing and short distances – a solid reason.