Quality Seal

The EADIPS FGR Quality Seal

The “EADIPS FGR Quality Seal” governs the requirements to be met by products – namely pipes, fittings and valves – produced from ductile iron, and also the external monitoring carried out by an accredited monitoring body approved by the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water), ÖVGW (Austrian Association for Gas and Water) or SVGW (Swiss Association for Gas and Water).

Products which bear the “EADIPS FGR Quality Seal” thus have the requisite safety, security, fitness for purpose, quality, hygiene and environmental compatibility which, in the light of national requirements, are considered by the EADIPS FGR to be prerequisites for their use in water supply and sewage and wastewater disposal.

As manufacturers of ductile iron pipes, fittings and valves, the full members of the EADIPS FGR have a quality management (QM) system at least complying with EN ISO 9001 which basically determines the effectiveness of the factory production control applied to the production of ductile iron pipes, fittings and valves under the Europeans standards applicable.

The requirements arising from the authoritative European and EADIPS FGR codes and standards applicable to pipes, fittings and valves are met by products which bear the “EADIPS FGR Quality Seal”.

Requirements of national codes and standards are complied with in the particular countries in which the products of the full members of the EADIPS FGR are sold.

The EADIPS FGR makes its standards available to the specialist public free of charge; the EADIPS FGR Standards can be downloaded free of charge as PDF files.