Newsletter 2015 EN

Nov./Dec. 2015 issue
Keywords: Pipeline route, Wislen tunnel, suburban area of Worb, Canton of Bern, traffic improvement plan, cut and cover technique, bypass, “Spange Süd” project phase, bridge for the regional Bern-Solothurn railway, retaining walls, pit support systems, roundabout structure, Rubigenstraße, relocation of utility lines, channel, Worblebach river, flood protection, community of Richigen, main supply line, Wislenberg reservoir, vonRoll ECOPUR, DN 400, wall thickness class K 9, lining, coating, polyurethane (PUR), EN 15655, EN 15189, HYDROTIGHT restrained push-in joints, Fig. 2806, route of the tunnel, water transport line, Ransbach-Baumbach utility association, drinking water line, tennis courts, swimming pool, piping network, double line, ductile iron pipes, DN 100, DN 200, K 10, friction-locking push-in joints, external protection, Zink-Plus, allowable operating pressure (PFA), PFA 10 bar, construction company Paul Heibel Tief- und Straßenbau GmbH, Herschbach, pipe manufacturer, application engineers, construction site personnel, theoretical and practical training, techniques of installing, joint technology, pipes and fittings, power plant, Kanzingbach in the Tyrol, three times as much power, cast iron pipe system with optimised structural fracture-mechanics, Flaurling valley in the Tyrol, commissioning, Kanzingbach small power plant, TIWAG – Tiroler Wasserkraft AG, renewable energy sources, high-pressure plant, single-stage solution, Tyrolean energy supply company, gross head, standard capacity, old plants, planning concept, state of the art power plant technology, penstock, DN 600, new material, leak-before-break concept, standard, EADIPS®/FGR® Annual Journal 50, Neuwied district waterworks, replace, DN 150, upper area, town of Linz am Rhein, districts of Ockenfels and Kasbach-Ohlenberg, drinking water, pressures, valley location, pressure rating PN 40, cement mortar coating, BLS®, road, forester’s house at Niederee, forest roads and cart tracks, difficulties, installation, steep sections, pressure reducing station on Asbacher Straße, Sternerbach stream, crossing, bridge construction, steel protective casing, pre-insulated water transport line.

Oct. 2015 issue
Keywords: Pipe relining, Hattersheim, NRM Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, 8th stage, main water pipeline, waterworks at Hattersheim, ductile iron pipes, ductile cast iron, grey cast iron line, DN 700, interruptions in supply, water consumption levels, DN 400, K 9, retrained push-in joints, BLS®, cement mortar coating, pulled through, directional drill rig, traction force, HDD process, rods, length of stroke, assembly time, pulling section, drinking water pipeline, operating pressure, PN 10, construction, snowmaking, Saalbach-Hinterglemm, ski resort, 2014/15 winter season, Schönleiten piste, valley run, Saalbach cableway company, snowmaking system, Polten storage reservoir, capacity, snow making pipelines, DN 250, PN 40, DN 200, PN 64, cement mortar lining, PUR Longlife coating, VRS®-T, assembly, material, operation, better quality, guaranteed snow, drinking water supply, Berlin, villages of Groß Schulzendorf and Jühnsdorf, L 792 road, installation, new drinking water transport pipeline, stage, waterworks at Groß Schulzendorf, DN 600, water supply and sewage disposal association for Ludwigsfelde, water supply and sewage disposal association for Blankenheide-Mahlow, planning, engineering company, district of Ludwigsfelde, comparing the alternatives, checking the costs, pressure class C 40, restrained TYTON SIT PLUS® push-in joints, BRS® system, friction-locking joints, epoxy finishing layer, groundwater levels, head-on assembly, progress of work, unstable soil conditions, positive-locking joints, longitudinal forces, locking segments, subsidence, variations in length, relocation, Spessart mountains, major construction site, Deutsche Bahn, Laufach, Hain, Heigenbrücken, Schwarzkopf tunnel, Schwarzbach valley, DN 300, water supply association for the district of Aschafftal, Goldbach, route, section, open trench technique, pre-insulated BLS® pipes, culvert, CFC-free hard polyurethane (PUR) foam, insulation, PE casing pipe, delivery, installation.

Sept. 2015 issue
Keywords: HDD culvert, municipality of Grobbendonk, Belgium, Flanders, water pipeline, DN 600, PN 16, trenchless technique, horizontal directional drilling technique (HDD), ductile iron pipes, K 9, cement mortar coating, BLS® restrained push-in joints, bore hole, culvert pipeline, preassembled, laid on rollers, assembly time, assembly work was started, pipes pulled in, pressure tightness, pulling in, drilling rig, Verbraecken Infra company, Temse, maximum pulling force, ductile iron pipe system, Ulmer Alb water supply association, DN 300 penstock, Dornstadt, association, drinking water, network of pipelines, delivery volume, high-level tank at Luizhausen, Himmelsweiler, ductile cast iron, material of choice, zinc-aluminium external pipe protection, zinc, aluminium, epoxy resin finishing layer, secure operation, drinking water supply, planning, engineering office Wassermüller Ulm GmbH, pipe installation, Schick Georg Rohrleitungsbau e. K. from Uttenweiler, nominal size, DN 300, TYTON® push-in joints, CLICK house connection, vonRoll hydro, assembled, range of house connections, modular system, tools, bayonet type connection, corrosion-protected bayonet socket, bayonet spigot end, patented anti-twist protection device, double O-ring seal, tapping bridge, tapping, mains pressure, dismantling, “PULL” marking, fitting, valve, guaranteed snow, ski-jump, Letalnica bratov Gorišek, Planica, Slovenia, technical advantages, long working life, snow-making installation, Planica ski-jump, water pipeline, DN 80, DN 100, DN 125, 40 bar, difficulty, construction firm, steepness of the slope, height difference, transporting the pipes, special hoisting system, quickly, without complications, VRS® -T push-in joints, angular deflection, without using extra fittings, installation above ground, ski-jumping, world records, guaranteed snow.

Jul./Aug. 2015 issue
Keywords: “Ductile iron pipe systems” E-Book, ductile iron pipes, trenchless installation techniques, E-Book Chapter 22, historical development, economic and ecological aspects, sustainability, restrained push-in joints, installation techniques, burst lining technique, press/pull technique, auxiliary pipe technique, horizontal directional drilling technique, cutting in, ploughing in, guided pilot boring, relining technique, Stuben am Arlberg, small hydropower plant, Stuben, Arlberg, Austria, Stubenbach GmbH, discharge capacity, bottleneck capacity, standard capacity, turbine pipeline, owner, Illwerke, DN 500, VRS®-T, steep and rocky terrain, operating pressure, 20.5 bar, PUR Longlife coating, cement mortar lining, open land, rate, laid, pipe manufacturer, TRM, requirements, drinking water transport pipeline, reservoir in Tägerig, municipality of Tägerig, Swiss Canton of Aargau, reservoir, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, protected forest zone, agricultural land, neighbourhood streets, centre of the village, installation situations, subsoil conditions, variety of soil types, choice, pipe material, Swiss-produced, polyurethane (PUR) coating, EN 545, soil types, vonRoll ECOPUR DN 250 full protection pipes, PUR internal protection and external protection, EN 15655, EN 15189, HYDROTIGHT, internal thrust resistance, thermally insulated cast iron pipes, DN 300, access area of Terminal 1, Frankfurt Airport, Fraport AG, Frankfurt, water supply, fire extinguishing purposes, K 9, PN 16, pipes and double socket bends, BLS®, fittings, thermal insulation, CFC-free, polyurethane (PUR hard foam), total density, spiral casing pipe, galvanised sheet steel, soft polyethylene, hot-galvanised sheet metal collar, high-grade steel clamps, underside of the ceiling, slide bearings, assembly height, lifting platform.

Jun. 2015 issue
Keywords: Drinking water supply, district of Škofja Loka, Slovenia, water network, construction project, European Union, Ministry for Agriculture and the Environment of the Republic of Slovenia, construction phases, asbestos cement pipeline, DN 350, delivery, ductile iron pipes, DN 400, restrained push-in joint, TYTON®, VRS®-T, fittings, flow capacity, water pipelines, construction work, pipe and fitting supplier, TRM, security of supply, drinking water transport pipeline, Greyerzerland, Swiss Canton of Freiburg, Gruyère Energie SA (GESA), vonRoll ECOPUR, integral polyurethane (PUR) coating, internal coating, external coating, EN 15655, EN 15189, ECOFIT fittings, epoxy coating, town of Bulle, pumping station, local recreation area of Bouleyres, main supply pipeline, Chéseau area, route of the pipeline, cultivated land, rough woodland terrain, HYDROTIGHT, extension, infiltration, purified Rhine water, Hesse Ried, infiltration wells, Farrenwies ditch, Biebesheim waterworks, infiltration locations, ditch infiltration, Lorscher Wald infiltration facility, long-distance pipeline, DN 800, waterway crossing, Weschnitz culvert, railway, main road, pipe-jacking, drainage shafts, ventilation shafts, C 25, EN 545, DN 600, K 9, BLS® restrained push-in joints, zinc aluminium coating, epoxy finishing layer, lining, blast-furnace cement, allowable operating pressure, PFA 25 bar, drinking water connection pipeline, DN 500, Mainz-Amöneburg, Schierstein waterworks, Hessenwasser GmbH & Co. KG, Groß-Gerau, Wiesbaden-Schierstein, existing line, ESWE Versorgungs AG, Wiesbaden, PN 10, Stadtwerke Mainz AG, Petersaue waterworks, transfer chamber, Kaiserbrücke, L 3482 highway, Äppelallee, ESWE pipeline, Hesse Water pipeline, construction started, section of pipeline, K 10, BRS® friction-locking push-in joints, cement mortar coating, railway, KKS system, plastic locks, construction finish.

May 2015 issue
Keywords: Replacement, drinking water pipelines, new roundabout, district of Strengelbach, Canton of Aargau, Kreuzplatz, open for traffic, utility pipelines, drinking water transport pipeline, DN 300, supply pipelines, DN 125, DN 150, Strengelbach water supply company, full-protection pipes, vonRoll ECOPUR, ductile cast iron, reinforced coating, EN 545, HYDROTIGHT thrust resistance system, tight space conditions, flexibility, cast iron pipe system, ease of installation, ECOPUR push-in pipes, internal and external coating, polyurethane (PUR), EN 15655, EN 15189, aggressive soils, galvanic corrosion, stray currents, macro-cell formation, fittings, vonRoll ECOFIT, shut-off valves, VS5000, epoxy coating, EN 14901, RAL – GZ 662, hydrants, HYTEC/VARIO 2.0, water pipeline, refugee centres, US “Conn Barracks”, Geldersheim near Schweinfurt, emergency accommodation, asylum seekers, RHÖN-MAINTAL GROUP, Poppenhausen, DN 200, PFA 16, cement mortar coating, TYTON SIT PLUS® restrained push-in joints, connection, trunk main, DN 400, cement mortar coated ductile cast iron pipes, supply shaft, system, pipelines, DN 100, military land, cold weather, completion deadline, winter months, operation, cement mortar grouted ductile iron driven piles, enclosure in Zederhaus, Tauern motorway, ASFINAG, Federal government, regional government, environmental improvement measures, A 10, Salzburg, Kärnten, package of measures, protection, people living nearby, investment, residents, noise, work, carriageway going towards Kärnten, soil surveys, weak, subsoil, deep foundations, loads, tunnel structure, layers with better load-bearing capabilities, construction company, Felbermayr Bau GmbH, supplementary offer, economic appraisal, test piles, static test load, TRM piling system, DN 118, metres in length, foundation, foundations, first carriageway, drinking water connection pipeline, Heinzenberg and Mönstadt elevated tanks, community of Grävenwiesbach, metropolitan region of Frankfurt RheinMain, new connection pipeline, connection, water chamber, geodetic height differences, pumping station, ductile iron pipes, C 100, EN 15542, unsurfaced sections of country tracks, “Am Bahnhof” estate, house service connection, fire-fighting water, hydrants, route of the pipeline, gravel, woodland track, open trench technique, L 3375 road, Wiesbach river, horizontal directional drilling, pipe, skids, protective tube, ends of the protective tube

Apr. 2015 issue
Keywords: Flood protection, ductile sewer pipes, old town of Miltenberg am Main, “Schwarz” quarter, River Main, risk of flooding, flood protection system, construction, stages, pumping station, high water, heavy rain, storm water, flood defence wall, pumps, water, output, pipeline, DN 800, ductile cast iron, EN 598, TYTON® push-in joints, high-alumina cement lining, operating conditions, gravity pipeline, wastewater pressure pipeline, safety margin, relocation, transport pipeline, district of Furth an der Triesting, flood defence measures, Lower Austrian, grey cast iron pipes, DN 425, “Kreuzbauer” dam, national road, water transport pipeline, rerouted, cast iron pipeline, ductile iron pipes, DN 500, PN 16, restrained BLS®/VRS®-T push-in joints, cement mortar lining, groundwater levels, stream crossing, installation, pipes, fittings, River Triesting, Triestingtal and Südbahn district water supply association, renewal, water transport pipeline, Neuwied, district of Block, Neuwied district waterworks, DN 400, drinking water pipeline, section, Krasnaerstraße, industrial zone, Breslauer Straße, K 9, PFA 25 bar, BLS®, EN 15542, aggressive media, metal of the pipes, mechanical stresses, transport, soil excavated, grain sizes, individual elements, backfilling, excavation and bedding material, fire-fighting pipeline, Lidl logistics centre, Western Switzerland, district of Sévaz, Lake Neuchâtel, logistics and distribution centre, Switzerland, infrastructure, fire extinguishing network, ring main, vonRoll ECOPUR, DN 200, DN 80, PFA 16 bar, polyurethane coating, EN 15189, EN 545, reinforced coating, vonRoll ECOFIT fittings, VS5000 full-protection gate valves, epoxy coating, EN 14901, RAL – GZ 662, elements, friction locking vonRoll HYDROTIGHT restrained thrust resistance system, access to extinguishing water, surface hydrants, vonRoll HYCLASSIC, VARIO 2.0 lower hydrant section, fire.

March 2015 issue
Keywords: WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2015, EADIPS®/FGR®, trade fair, Funkturm, exhibition centre, Berlin, exhibition stand, INTERNATIONAL PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION SYMPOSIUM, 2nd NO DIG Berlin 2015, Renovation, Rehabilitation, presentation, Dr. Jürgen Rammelsberg, trenchless pipeline construction and renovation methods, Speakers‘ Corner, Stuttgart room, Ulrich Päßler, “Ductile cast iron creates value”, member company, Duktus Rohrsysteme Wetzlar GmbH, information,, replacement, drinking water pipeline, waterworks, district of Neuwied, water transport pipeline, DN 250, ductile iron pipes (GGG), PN 16, K 9, Stockhausen district of Windhagen, district administration of Asbach, cement mortar coating, EN 15542, BLS® restrained push-in joints, DIN 50929-3, external protection, types of soil, public highways, service roads, carriageway, verges and hard-shoulders, main L 272 and L 247 roads, instruction, pipe manufacturer, construction work, security of supply, vonRoll ECOPUR pipes, water supply Elfingen, Frick valley, canton of Aargau, grey cast iron pipeline, DN 120, DN 150, coating, polyurethane (PUR), conventional construction techniques, laying, supply pipeline, route, supply problems, economically, static burst-lining process, DVGW technical instruction GW 323, HYDROTIGHT system, longitudinal forces, simple assembly, pull-in pits, sockets, pulling process, protective cones, stainless steel, detailed planning, work, section of pipeline, connections, working day, main approach road, city of Klagenfurt, Völkermarkter Straße, service interruptions, plastic water pipeline, Stadtwerke Klagenfurt AG, expand the water supply system, road surface, high traffic loads, decision, piping material, DN 300, cement-mortar lined, VRS®-T, PUR Longlife coating, pipeline project, editor’s comment, February 2015 Newsletter, drinking water connection pipeline, DN 500, Mainz-Amöneburg, waterworks at Wiesbaden-Schierstein, research, BRS®, completed, operating conditions, section, full-protection pipes.

Feb. 2015 issue
Keywords: R+F TBU Tiefbautag 2015, EADIPS®/FGR®, trade fair in Nürnberg, Full Members, exhibition stands, Karlheinz Hartmann, R+F TBU GmbH, Martin Schulze Regional Manager Central and East region, trade fair for civil engineering and environmental technology, Dr Jürgen Rammelsberg, presentation, “The development of drinking water systems through the centuries”, industrialisation, development, cast iron pipe systems, Vertriebsgesellschaft für Tiefbau und Umwelttechnik mbH + Co. KG, informative event, home-produced power, processing home-grown wood, Baron Franz VI Mayr-Melnhof-Saurau, energy independence, Gössbach 1 power plant, self-sufficiency, energy, sawmill, Leoben, ecological resources, forest estate, sustainable, choice of piping material, turbine pipeline, ductile cast iron, ecological criteria, construction method, excavation material, bedding material, recycling capability, pipes, without any loss of quality, ductile iron pipes, DN 800, zinc coating, epoxy finishing layer, BLS®, TYTON®, push-in joints, Portland cement mortar, ductile sewer pipes, inner-city motorway construction, Berlin, extending, Berlin BAB A 100 autobahn, district of Treptow, district of Neukölln, East and West side, easing, traffic, metropolis, section of motorway, construction processes, above ground, underground, existing pipelines, relocated, Dieselstraße in Neukölln, gravity sewer, heavy-duty construction site traffic, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, EN 598, robust, high-strength, high-alumina cement mortar, easy to assemble, stability, relatively shallow depth, pipe manufacturer, manhole connectors, manholes, flexibly, connected, drinking water connection pipeline, DN 500, Mainz-Amöneburg, Wiesbaden-Schierstein waterworks, Hessenwasser GmbH & Co. KG, existing pipeline, ESWE Versorgungs AG, PFA = 10 bar, Mainz public utilities, route, public land, railway tracks, structures, road areas, particular operating conditions, install, vonRoll ECOPUR full-protection pipes, reinforced coating, EN 545, push-in pipes, non-porous internal and external coating, polyurethane (PUR), highly aggressive soils.

Jan. 2015 issue
Keywords: Ductile sewer pipes, transformer station, wind turbines, turnaround in energy policy, oil, transformers, concrete troughs, run off, separators, pipeline and shaft systems, safety standards, leakages, in case of damage, diffusion-tight and non-flammable material, properties, high temperatures, sealing system, oil-resistant, fail-safe pipes, high traffic loads, drain down, slightest slope, ductile iron pipe, client “50 Hz”, polymer concrete shafts, positive locking BLS® push-in joints, tight conditions, installing, crossing pipelines, shaft connectors, locks, clamping rings, irrigation system, district of Bozen, South Tyrol, winegrowing area, “Guntschna – St. Georgen – Sand”, cooperative area, main supply pipeline, steel pipes, DN 125, irrigation water, machine house, St. Anton power station, area to be irrigated, stage of expansion, DN 200, irrigation area, water, water consumption, condition of the pipeline, replacing, steel pipeline, nominal size, DN 250, iron pipeline, restrained VRS®-T push-in joints, turbine, power station, pressure, development, Schweighofpark, Lake Lucerne, district of Kriens, market garden, residential and commercial quarter, “Schweighof” area, rented homes, service and commercial facilities, completed, building project, terrain, drinking water transport pipeline, relocated, replaced, Kriens water supply, drinking water supply network, full-protection pipes, vonRoll ECOPUR, ductile cast iron, reinforced coating, EN 545, ECOPUR push-in pipes, integral non-porous internal and external polyurethane coating (PUR), aggressive soils, electrically insulating coating system, galvanic corrosion, stray currents, DN 400, fittings, vonRoll ECOFIT, epoxy coating, EN 14901, RAL – GZ 662, vonRoll HYDROTIGHT, thrust resistant system, securely, pipeline constructor, fast and secure assembly, HYDROTIGHT push-in joints, partial replacement, water transport pipeline, Oberbieber area of the town of Neuwied, Neuwied-Oberbieber, supply interruptions, adjacent municipalities, Neuwied district waterworks, Wiesenstraße, wall thickness class K 9, PN 25, allowable operating pressures, pipeline route, urban area, manual operation pits, route, crossings, construction project.