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Newsletter 2014 EN

Nov./Dec. 2014 issue
Keywords: Installation in a collector system, city of Frankfurt/Oder, accessible, collector systems, utility lines, reinforced concrete tunnels, Frankfurt water and wastewater utility company (Frankfurter Wasser- und Abwassergesellschaft mbH), steel pipelines, ductile iron pipes, cement mortar lining, restrained joints, DN 80, DN 100, DN 150, DN 200, positive locking BLS® restrained joints, absorb forces, retaining chamber, locks, catch, opening in the socket, welded bead, spigot end, allowable operating pressure, PFA 42, angular deflection, range of BLS® fittings, dismantled, instructed, technical field service, pipe manufacturer, fitting elements, Weingarten water wheel, Weingarten, turning energy around, Stiller Bach, energy association of the people of Weingarten (BEG), diameter, amount invested, annual energy output, piping system, DN 500, planning stage, technical field service, installation, ductile sewer pipes, static pipeline, riser, Duktus Rohrsysteme Wetzlar GmbH, Calinesti hydroelectric power station, Romania, Southern Carpathians, Calinesti valley, River Olt, towns of Sibiu/Hermannstadt and Râmnicu Vâlcea, bottleneck output, annual production, client: WIEN ENERGIE GmbH, hydropower market, potential, potential for small hydropower plants, locations, electricity, hydropower, upstream power station Calinesti 1, gross head, discharge rate, piping section, steep and rocky ravine, max. operating pressure 14 bar, DN 600, BLS® push-in joints, service, pipe supplier, services, consultation, training, logistics management, drinking water and extinguishing water supply, Moutier, Delémont, extinguishing water, requirements, transport pipeline, Bernese Jura, capital of the canton, Switzerland, vonRoll ECOPUR, wall thickness class K 9, corrosion protection, full-protection ductile cast iron pipes, polyurethane, pressure pipes, wet and aggressive soils, galvanic corrosion, stray currents, formation of macro elements, vonRoll HYDROTIGHT internal thrust resistance system, friction locking, vonRoll ECOFIT fittings, epoxy coating, EN 14901, high points, aeration and ventilation valves, low points, drainage, operation, drainage fittings, concrete shafts.

Oct. 2014 issue
Keywords: DWA, German association for water, wastewater and waste, EADIPS®/FGR® member, member company, Duktus Rohrsysteme Wetzlar GmbH, DWA delegation, works visit, Bauass. Dipl.-Ing. J. Lohaus Managing Director, research and development unit, press and public relations unit, journals and periodicals department, ductile cast iron as a material, application, ductile iron pipe systems, water industry, processing stages, production, bursting test, DN 100, presentations, value, installation processes, renewal, transport line, “North branch”, district of Osthofen, grey cast iron pipeline, Seebach area utility association, pipe bursts, delivery, DN 300, DN 400, C 64 (K 9), main pumping station, elevated tank Bechtheim West, municipality, cement mortar coating, TYTON SIT PLUS® push-in joints, operating pressure 12 bar, Vienna “Gürtel ring road offensive”, renovation programme, water pipelines, inner and outer Gürtel, construction stages (8th, 9th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th districts), Hernalser and Lerchenfelder sector of the Gürtel, DN 700, PN 25, restrained push-in joints, BLS®, supply of water, traffic volume, City of Vienna, pipe material, Vienna Water, operational reliability, durability, drinking water, renovation, Guberwald, city of Lucerne, drinking water supply, concrete pipeline, DN 500, gradient, spring water, Eigenthal, transverse cracks, joint misalignment, section, DN 450, changes of direction, terrain, protection, risk of damage, drinking water transport line, downward movement, full-protection pipes, vonRoll ECOPUR ROCK, vonRoll HYDROTIGHT, vonRoll ROCK protective coating, coarse-grained material, grain size, pipeline zone, material excavated, weathered marl, sandstone ridges, backfilling trenches, easy assembly, vonRoll pipe-laying tool, poor weather conditions, completed, limited working space, complex construction methods.

Sept. 2014 issue
Keywords: Renovation, Goldinger pipeline, Swiss, Canton of Zürich, lakeside communities, Lake Zürich, Hombrechtikon, Stäfa, Männedorf, Uetikon, Meilen, drinking water, Canton of St. Gallen, packed socket cast iron pipeline, DN 275, municipality of Bubikon/Wolfhausen, ductile iron pipeline, vonRoll ECOPUR, DN 300, full-protection pipes, wall thickness class K 9, lining, coating, polyurethane (PUR), hydraulic capacity, plasticiser, EN 545, mechanical loads, aggressive soils, vonRoll HYDROTIGHT, internal thrust resistant restrained socket joints, drinking water bypass, football stadium, Altach, drinking water pipeline, stand, leaking, bypass pipeline, ductile cast iron pipes, DN 600, K 9, ZM-U, BLS®, drinking water, allowable operating pressure (PFA), 32 bar, weather conditions, high pressure natural gas pipeline, minimum distance, excavation work, overhead lines, gravel bed, open trenches, motorway exit, ductile iron pipes were, DN 1000, jacked in, construction time, feed pipeline, service areas, Hubland, Gerbrunn, Lengfeld, self-sufficiency of the water supply, secure, water pressure, urban development area, Trinkwasserversorgung Würzburg GmbH, Galgenberg elevated tank, pumping station, increase the pressure, feed pipeline, DN 400, feed-in point, connection, existing network, pressure pipes, ductile cast iron, PN 10, C 40 (K 9), TYTON SIT PLUS®, BRS® system, restrained push-in joints, client, soil surveyor, manufacturer, cement mortar coating, sand bedding, backfilled with spoil, saving on sand, advantages, transport costs, less burden on the environment, cost savings, transport pipeline, Rohnstadt, Laubuseschbach, Weilmünster, market town, Taunus foothills, connection pipeline, deep well, local network, upper area of Laubuseschbach, elevated tank, Wolfenhausen, easements on properties, not to cross private land, public routes, DN 100, built-up areas.

Jul./Aug. 2014 issue
Keywords: Saving time, philosophy, installation, hydrant bottom sections, VARIO 2.0, construction, height adjustment, simplifications, polymer concrete base, bayonet connection, outer casing and the telescopic pipe, trench, vonRoll hydro, preliminary assembly, time, costs, “Hinterbuchberg” elevated tank, ductile iron pipes, Bogenbachtal group, water supply association, district of Straubing-Bogen, supply of drinking water, market community of Mitterfels, member communities, Hunderdorf, local networks, nominal sizes, DN 80 to DN 300, cement mortar coated, BRS® restrained push-in joints, installation conditions, rocky hillside terrain, relocation, long-distance water pipeline, DN 700, city of Frankfurt am Main, Hungen-Inheiden, grey cast iron pipeline, road construction projects, Wöllstadt, community, Wetterau, B 3a, ring road, bridge structure, Oberhessische Versorgungsbetriebe AG, K 9, BLS®, tie-in points, thrust blocks, forces, grey cast iron pipes, packed socket joints, renovation, main water pipeline, Hattersheim, construction company UMWELTTECHNIK und WASSERBAU GmbH, NRM Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH, DN 400, relining technique, sections, empty pipe weight, residential and industrial area, construction time, economic reasons, results, installation, Tyrolean knowhow, 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi, Tyrolean companies, snow, VIP guests, special conveyor system, piping systems, snow-making equipment, Olympic region, truck-loads, lack of snow, stocks of snow, foil, initial volume, Tiroler Rohre GmbH, Hall, VRS®-T, operating pressures, PN 100, transporting the pipes, valley, mountain, Russian army, helicopter

Jun. 2014 issue
Keywords: Ductile iron pipes, service tunnel, A3 motorway, Würzburg, Würzburg-Heidingsfeld, bridge over the River Main, Randersacker, supplies, Würzburg-Heuchelhof, Katzenberg, reinforced concrete service tunnel, gas, water, power, water supply, DN 300, BLS® restrained push-in joints, cement mortar coating, assembling the individual pipes, roller system, holding clamps, steel supports, steel clamps, Baumsatz IV development area, local council of Pliezhausen, Eichwasen district, building plan, development measures, infrastructure, planning engineers RAIDT & GEIGER, Rottenburg-am-Neckar, operation, external protection, sewage system, DN 200, difficult terrain, steep slope, positive locking, blocks of concrete, anchoring, construction work progressed, crossing over the River Murr, utilities department at Backnang, gas pipelines, steel, cable conduits, DN 110, DN 63, packaged, in a culvert, culvert construction, tightness, pipe bundle, pipe trench, engineering office of Riker + Rebmann, Murrhardt, VRS®-T, lifted into place, supply network, rescue plan, safety requirements, Scheidwald Tunnel, Mainz/Bingen – Saarbrücken mainline, single-track branch line, Heimbach and Baumholder, railway construction and operation regulations (EBO), passenger traffic, goods transport, municipality of Baumholder, DB Netz AG, RP Eisenbahn GmbH (RPE), Wachenheim, railway infrastructure management company, rail passenger transport, extinguishing water supply, dry fire extinguishing pipeline, hose connection points, DIN 14461, tunnel, recess, delivery capacity, static pressure, flow pressure, taking off extinguishing water, DN 125, K 10, cement mortar coating, FCM combi-sleeves, FM approval.

May 2014 issue
Keywords: Association for the promotion of information on the construction industry to university lecturers [Fördergemeinschaft zur Information der Hochschullehrer für das Bauwesen e. V. (FIHB)], EADIPS®/FGR®, Vienna, water resources management, municipal department MA 31, Vienna waterworks, valve chamber, development, ductile iron pipe systems, Vienna water supply network, Technical Universities of Vienna and Graz, Tiroler Rohre GmbH, condition-based maintenance strategy, repair, maintenance, valves, pipe manufacturers, developments, trenchless pipe-laying, coating technology, energy-efficient construction, IFAT 2014, member companies, areas of application, economic, ecological, technical advantages, talk: Ductile cast iron creates value, Ulrich Päßler, graduate in business studies, chairman, ductile cast iron, professionals, exhibition stand, exchange of ideas, ductile sewage pipes, Eisenhüttenstadt, steel production, Brandenburg, ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt GmbH, iron and steel works, hot and cold rolling mill, high traffic loads, sheet steel coils, rainwater systems, factory premises, ductile iron pipes, DN 150 to DN 500, EN 598, TYTON® push-in joint, high-alumina cement mortar lining, deformable, flexibility, manholes, manhole connectors, security, unplanned loads, easy to install, construction progresses rapidly, transport pipeline, heat, seawater, La Tour-de-Peilz, Lake Geneva, Swiss, tourist region of Vevey-Montreux, heat transport line, vonRoll ECOPUR and DUCPUR, DN 200 to DN 700, energy content, heat exchanger, primary circuit, secondary networks, buildings, heat pumps, temperature, power station investment, sustainability, Liechtenstein Energie GmbH & Co. KG, power, small hydropower stations, Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation, district of Kalwang, Feistererbach, Feister power station, high-pressure power station, sea-level, feed water, Tyrolean weir, double-chamber sand trap, pipe run, DN 400, VRS®-T, PUR Longlife, reliability, pressure resistance, robustness, long working life, ease of installation, RUMPF Bau GmbH, Murau, bedding material, construction work.

Apr. 2014 issue
Keywords: EADIPS®/FGR®, presentation, Norway, Brødrene Dahl, 360° Symposium, Lillestrøm, Oslo, SGBD Group (Saint-Gobain Building Distribution), sponsoring member, climate change, full members, Düker GmbH & Co. KGaA, Duktus Rohrsysteme Wetzlar GmbH, VAG-Armaturen GmbH, ductile cast iron, value, Chairman Ulrich Päßler, sustainable aspects, ductile iron pipe systems, life cycle, infrastructure project, water management industry, technical, economic, ecological, trenchless technique, bulk transport, noise from construction, CO2 emissions, disruptions to traffic, replacement, pump pressure pipeline, municipality of Hardegg,damage, water supply pipeline, elevated tank, security of supply, maintenance costs, water supply, fire brigades, length, height difference, construction work was started, challenges, piping material, high pressure, rocky substrate, nature reserve, soil replacement, DN 150 ductile iron pipes, restrained VRS®-T push-in joints, cement mortar coating, simple and fast installation, construction time, drinking water, Liebherr group of companies, logistics centre, Oberopfingen, Kirchdorf an der Iller, Baden-Württemberg, supply of spare parts, Liebherr earth moving machines, logistics hall, investment, first stage of expansion, drinking water and sprinkler pipelines, DN 200, C 64 (K 10), PN 16, criterion, decision , cost effectiveness, long working life, progress of work, work of connecting the pipes, shaft structures, buildings, BRS®, BLS®, new bridge over the Rhone, Visp-Baldschieder, conglomeration of Brig-Glis/Naters, centre, Upper Valais plain, motorway, A 9, “Visp West” motorway junction, laying work, supply pipeline, reservoir, pressure pipes, DUCPUR, DN 300, EN 545, polyurethane (PUR) lining, external zinc/bitumen coating, underground part, laid conventionally, open technique, area of the bridge, epoxy resin powder, vonRoll ECOFIT fittings, external vonRoll HYDROTIGHT thrust resistance system, high point, pre-stressed trough bridge, safety fittings, blockflange T-fitting, DN 100 outlets, installed with precision.

March 2014 issue
Keywords: EADIPS FGR, member companies, IFAT 2014, Stand 337, Hall A 1, ductile iron pipe systems, presentation, Hall A 5, Trade Fair Forum, Water and Sewage, speaker: Ulrich Päßler, Dipl.-Kfm., “Ductile cast iron creates value”, member companies, exhibition stands, product developments, application possibilities, www.eadips.org/ifat_2014, information, stand numbers, ductile iron pipes, Rheinallee, Mainz, replacing, drinking water pipeline, TYTON SIT PLUS®push-in joints, cement mortar coating, DN 500, DN 600, DN 200, local businesses, access, runs beneath, tramway, dock railway, tracks of the Schott company, security of water supply, Mainz public utility company, low-pressure gas line, DN 225, PE-HD, high-pressure gas line, DN 300, planning, construction management, Becker & Partner GmbH, Bad Soden-Salmünster, civil engineering work, Rheinhessen planning group, development project, community of Goldingen, reservoir, Schlosshügel,Canton of St. Gallen, water supply, pumping station, pressure line, supply pipeline, hamlets, Tann, Bannholz, Auenhof, Gibel, pillarhydrants, supply of extinguishing water, gradient, transport, helicopter, vonRoll ECOPUR full-protection pipes, DN 125, C 64, reinforced coating, EN 545, internal and external polyurethane coating, vonRoll HYDROTIGHT, restrained push-in joints, storage area, trench, concrete beams, slipping,steep terrain, rockfalls, rocks, bottom of the trench, vonRoll ROCK protection coating, excavation material, bedding the pipes, backfilling the trench, bridge pipes, Abwinden-Asten power station, Danube Power Station, Linz, Upper Austria, DN 400, VRS®-T, PUR LL, hydroelectric power station building, transition points, above-ground and underground sections of the pressure line, fixed points, area of the power station, existing geometry, changes in direction, compensatethe changes in length, drainage, Linz Service GmbH, challenge, power station dam, limited space available, lane width, construction time, emergency vehicles, parapet of the bridge, plain endedpressure pipe (PEPP), special lengths, bends, construction situations

Feb. 2014 issue
Keywords: VAG-Armaturen GmbH, full member, EADIPS®/FGR®, water industry, valve range, water sector, sanitation sector, distribution centres, production locations, quality awareness, reliability, good results, progress, corporate philosophy, areas of application, spheroidal graphite cast iron, water treatment, water distribution, sewage disposal, dams, hydropower, power stations, industry, pressure management, gas, servicing tasks, assembly, maintenance, delivery of spare parts, Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings GmbH, sponsoring member, paints, varnishes, producer, special chemicals, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, people, subsidiary, location in Reutlingen, epoxy-resin powder coatings, heavy-duty corrosion protection, cast iron valves, piping systems, transport, drinking water, oil, gas, reinforcement steel, electrical insulation, electronics, Resicoat R4 powder coatings, contact with drinking water, drinking water approvals, biogas, water supply, ductile iron pipes, technology centre for vehicle safety, Sindelfingen works, Daimler AG, public utility company of Sindelfingen, main water pipeline, DN 400, cement mortar coating, open trench technique, jacked protective conduit, JR Haakshorst Rohrtechnik GmbH + Co. KG, Filderstadt, consoles, side wall, progress, floor area, ductile iron driven piles, embankment, Vienna Outer Ring, expressway S1, stabilisation measures, section of road between Inzersdorf and Vösendorf, secure, developer, ASFINAG, berme, pressure of earth, piling contractor, “Grund-, Pfahl- und Sonderbau GmbH”, coordination, excavator, crest of the embankment, foot, pile construction, installation of stones, planning, areas where space is tight, work for stabilising the embankment, trenchless installation, protection, wild animals, Wildnispark Zürich, Langnau am Albis water supply company, asbestos cement pipelines, DN 100, vonRoll ECOPUR, DN 125, reinforced polyurethane (PUR) coating, run beneath, wild animal enclosure, trees worthy of protection, route, main road, burst-lining process, full-protection pipes, EN 545, integral internal and external coating, EN 15655, EN 15189, sockets, ECOPUR pipes, pull-in, protective cones, steel sheet, rubber sleeves, shrink-on sleeves, HYDROTIGHT push-in joints, stages.

Jan. 2014 issue
Keywords: TIWAG (Tiroler Wasserkraft AG), power station, Finsing, communities of Fügenberg and Uderns, Zillertal, Ziller valley, Austria, power stations, power station, capacity, green electricity, CEO Dr. Bruno Wallnöfer, Günther Platter, the head of government of the Tyrol, board chairman Ferdinand Eberle, sustainable development, ductile iron pipes, DN 1000, restrained socket joints, VRS®-T/BLS®, installation, tunnel, undercutting, Finsingbach river, power plant, pressure pipe, concrete thrustpoints, river crossing, insulated against structure-borne sound, pipe suppliers, system competence, water supply association, Friedelsheim Group, community of Fußgönnheim, Vorderpfalz region, suppliers of drinking water, pipelines, own personnel, products, processing, development, Mittelgewann-Ost construction project, Ellerstadt, nominal size, DN 100, BLS®, level of force, lockingrestrained pipesystem, installation rate, sustainably, economically, safeguarding, Aschafftal communities, water supply association for the Aschafftal communities (ZWA), district of Aschaffenburg, member communities, drinking water, trunk main, DN 400, elevated tanks, Hösbach and Goldbach, Bahnhof district, AB 2 districtroad, main St 2307 road, alternative route, A 3 federal motorway, pipeline route, roundabout, Aschaffbach river, groundwater, beneath the pipeline, positive locking push-in joints, concrete thrust blocks, external pipe protection, cement mortar coating, structural properties, protective tubes, sewer, municipality of Seon, Bachweg, Aargauer Seetal, Seon technical services department, combined sewer, DN 250, DN 300, concrete pipe, DN 350, adapt the hydraulic capacity, bedding depth, design engineer, developer, installation conditions, operational safety, sustainability, security of investment, vonRoll ECOPUR full protection pipe, EN 598, polyurethane (PUR) coating, lining, requirements, PUR lining, roughness coefficient, gradient, access lines, buildings, street drains, tapping saddles, tapping, breaking, chipping, work of assembling, HYDROTIGHT push-in joint technique