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Newsletter 2013 EN

Nov./Dec. 2013 issue
Keywords: Renewal, Katzenbuckel line, 3rd construction stage, Bodensee water supply association, delivery, of water, area supplied, constant attention, supply of drinking water, Odenwald, grey cast iron, ductile iron pipes, cement mortar coating, EN 15542, soil replacement, construction costs, working life, Rittersbach, Scheringen, nominal size, DN 200, low mountain range region, pressure stages, PN 25, PN 40, snow pipes, North Germany, skiing area, Wurmberg, Harz, investment volume, Lower Saxony, tourism infrastructure, skiing, slopes, piste, skiing facilities, eastern slope, four-seater chair lift, waiting times, snow-making equipment, DN 80, DN 300, BLS®/VRS®-T push-in joints, operating pressure, PFA 40, PFA 100, hydrants, storage reservoir, iron pipe system, requirements, snow-making systems, Braunlage, directional drilling, Sanssouci Park, Potsdam, Geschwister-Scholl-Straße, drinking water line, DN 250, street traffic, road works, Energie und Wasser Potsdam GmbH, trenchless technique, HDD process, in stages, BLS®, installation pits, thrust resistance, assembling the joints, longitudinal forces, locks, opening in the socket, protective rubber sleeve, pipe joint, mechanical protection, sheet-metal cone, pipe pulling, daily output, sewage pipeline, busy main street, regional centre of Lenzburg, Aargauer Seetal, district of Seon, DN 400, DN 500, Oberdorfstraße, hydraulic power, mechanical damage, traffic loads, concrete pipeline, wall thickness, strength properties, full protection vonRollecopur ductile iron pipes, EN 598, cross-section, iron pipe channel, covering, concrete envelope, wall thickness class, K 9, static evidence of load-bearing capacity, fitness for purpose, Swiss standard, SIA 190, pH ranges, polyurethane (PUR) lining, EN 15655, inclines, drag force, Hydrotight, installation work, area of bvusy road, traffic hold-ups.

Oct. 2013 issue
Keywords: Process and fire fightingwater supply, tunnel, Visp/Eyholz, A9 Autobahn, construction, Rhone Autobahn, Oberwallis, long-term project, next section to open, bypass, Visp/Siders, section, Visp West, Visp East, Vispertunnel, South tube, Chatzhüs, Staldbach, Visper valley, bridges, Eyholz tunnel, protection, fire fightingwater pipeline, water from the mountain, Bächji reservoir, municipality of Visperterminen, valve chamber, pressurepipeline, DN 300, maximum operating pressure, 20 bars, total length, vineyard, Europe, full protection, vonRollecopur, rock protection coating, vonRollrock, restrained push-in joints, vonRollhydrotight, vonRollecofit, fittings, epoxy coating, EN 14901, RAL GZ 662, piping system, renewal, North section, water pipeline, Rheinhessen, Osthofen, grey cast iron pipeline, nominal width, cement mortar, ductile cast iron pipeline, DN 400, transportpipeline, joint body administrating the waterworks for the district of Seebach, Worms, Alzey, main pumping station in Osthofen, elevated reservoir at Bechtheim-West, stage of construction, main pumping station, pipe connections, TYTON SIT PLUS®restrained push-in joints, pressure, 12 bars, building works, Gebrüder Becher Rohrleitungsbau GmbH, Mudersbach,administrative district, drinking water, emergency overflow pipeline, Haseltal bridge, A3 motorway, Frankfurt, Würzburg and Nürnberg, Aschaffenburg, traffic lanes, construction, junctions, Rohrbrunn, Marktheidenfeld, Spessart, surface water, retention reservoir, heavy rainfall, requirements, dry pipeline, gravitypipeline, pressure pipeline, slopet, section, ductile sewer pipe, BLS® positive locking push-in joints, external zinc/epoxy coating, reddish brown, valley, stilling basin, runs freely, Haselbach, flexibility, toughness, security, water supply, Möckmühl, sustainable, future, water supply concept, choice of pipe material, quality, long service life, external cement mortar coating, feed andoutlet pipeline, Schlossberg elevated reservoir, DN 200, C 64, DN 150, C 100, DN 100, pipe pulling-in, BLS®restrained system, NATOmilitary training area, Bulgariantown of Sungurlare, Novo Selo, Ministry for Regional Planning, main drinking water pipeline, planning engineering company, Vodokanal Projekt, no special bedding material is needed, arterial road, river, horizontal directional drilling process, trenchless pipe laying technique, BLS®/VRS®-T push-in joints, client, planners, reliability, joint technology.

Sept. 2013 issue
Keywords: Drinking water pipeline, frost-resistant, lock bridge, Müritz-Elde canal, Neustadt/Glewe, lock canal, road bridge, B 191, Ludwigslust Association, ductile iron pipes, DN 250, BLS® thrust resistance, pre-insulated (WKG), drinking water, stagnation, winter, heat insulation layer, zinc-coated steel jacket, bridge, shipping traffic, concrete apron wall, framework construction, platform, narrow space available, thrust-resistant line, BLS® bends, cut ends, weld beads, welded, forces, thrust-resistant elements, pipe supports, construction project, areas of use, ductile iron pipe systems, above-ground pipe construction, 5th EADIPS®/FGR® Information Day, Frankfurt am Main, members, information event, Association, overview, first half of the year, work produced, presentations, professional associations, universities, exhibition and trade fair activities, publications, trade journals, Newsletter, updating, E-Book, Annual Journal No. 47, involvement, national and European standards committees, functions, board, directors, new members, ERHARD GmbH & Co. KG, Heidenheim, full member, Wendel GmbH, Dillenburg, sponsoring member, European association for the cast iron pipe industry, ductile sewage pipeline, wooden piles, Vorarlberg district of Hard am Bodensee, development, construction area, unfavourable subsoil conditions, clay, fen, peat, choice of pipe material, flatness of the land, nominal diameters, DN 150, DN 200, DN 300, minimal gradient, subsoil, highly susceptible to settlement, piles, hydraulic function, subsidence, movement, connections, corrosion protection, vonRollecopur, polyurethane (PUR) coating, EN 15655, EN 15189, EN 598, full protection pipes, reinforced coating, socket, pile support, concrete saddle, simple, cost-effective, work of assembling, ecopur sewage pipes, hydrotight push-in joints, evaluation of the condition, piping network, Vienna, non-damage-based data, pipe renewal strategies, damage rates, piping network in Vienna, types of coating, corrosion protection systems, bitumen, zinc/bitumen, zinc/polyurethane, Wiener Wasser, Tiroler Rohre GmbH (TRM), technical universities of Graz and Vienna, damage statistics, pipe is exposed, installing, domestic service pipelines, classifies the pipe according to condition, records, network operators, knowledge, generations of ductile iron pipe, further development, Annual Journal No. 48.

Jul./Aug. 2013 issue
Keywords: old cast iron pipes, UNESCO, World Heritage Site, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel, statue of Hercules, water features, Riesenschloss, Octagon, cascades, Museum of Kassel, board of Frontinus, Prof. Dr. Harald Roscher, socket pipes, long, German National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), technique, high pressure line, Eislingen association of water supply groups, Eislingen pumping station, Hohenstaufen, DN 90, steel, delivery pressure, 42 bars, problems, replacement, ductile iron pipes, DN 100, wall thickness class, K 9, BLS® restrained push-in joints, cement mortar coating, nominal pressure rating, PN 64, pipe trench, down pipe, elevated reservoir, loading capacity, external cement mortar coating protection, relocation, drinking water transport pipeline, DN 350, RBS railway line, municipality of Biberist, cantonsof Bern and Solothurn, narrow-gauge direct-current railway lines, RBS railway station, new development area, hazard, stray currents, RBS direct-current railway, pipe material, requirements, electrically insulating, full protection vonRollecopur iron pipes, C 40, EN 545, organic internal and external coating, polyurethane coating, EN 15655, EN 15189, vonRollhydrotight, electrochemical effects, railway track, rails, crossing beneath, steel pipe jacking, DN 600, sliding skids, ductile iron pipe systems, fire protection, tunnels, congested urban area, Merano northwest bypass, fire-extinguishing water pipelines, selecting materials, high safety margins, loading capacity, restrained joint technique, internal pressure loadings, pressure surges, South Tyrol state government, Merano, project of the century, inner-city traffic situation, environmental relevance, rock, Küchelberg tunnel, DN 200, PUR coating, service gallery, roadway, Atzwanger AG company – Bolzano

June 2013 issue
Keywords: Ductile iron pipe systems, WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL (WBI), exhibition stands, member companies of EADIPS®/FGR®, water management tasks, technically safe and durable, site day, Berlin International Water Exhibition, trade visitors, trenchless installation techniques, BLS®/VRS®-T ductile iron pipes with restrained joints, robust cement mortar coating (ZM-U), Berliner Wasser Betriebe, environmentally sound, sustainability, island of Rügen, Hanseatic City of Stralsund, Ziegelstraße, Rügen dam bridge, REWA Regionale Wasser- und Abwassergesellschaft Stralsund mbH, drinking water pipes, DN 300, C 40, Zink Plus, zinc/aluminium coating, longitudinal forces, TYTON SIT PLUS® joints, BRS®, joint, easy to install, easy to bend, angular deflection, axis of the pipeline, pipe run, bend, no bends, ductile iron pipeline, security of supply, heavy goods traffic, industrial district, ductile piles, fundations, company buildings, Bestattung Wien GmbH, stability, Simmeringer Hauptstraße, foundation work, conditions of the terrain, loess soil, fine sandy silt, stability problem, driven ductile iron piles, awarding the contract, delivery time, ground disturbance, construction window, loading capacities, diameters, pressure-grouted, workability, NGT Neue Gründungstechnik Spezialtiefbau GmbH, general planning, VASKO+PARTNER INGENIEURE, Vienna, drinking water line, main K 48 road, Neuenkirch, traffic volumes, traffic hold-ups, level crossing, SBB Lucerne-Olten-Basel line, new road construction, water supply cooperative of Neuenkirch, water transport line, vonRollecopur, DN 200, DN 150, K 9, VS5000 full-protection gate valves, thick epoxy resin coating, RAL GZ 662, extinguishing water requirement, 5000S vonRoll hydrants, VARIO lower part, choice of material, PFA 16, polyurethane lining, EN 15655, polyurethane coating, EN 15189, strength characteristics, PUR, EN 545, full-protection piping, installation situations, corrosion protection, long-term security

May 2013 issue
Keywords: Trunk and fire extinguishing water pipeline, industrial construction, Härkinger-Kreuz, intersection, Swiss national road network, automobile importer, extension, industrial park, starting construction, construction area, secure, supply of drinking and fire extinguishing water, relocated, extended, PFA of 16 bar, drinking water, ductile iron pipes, vonRollecopur, DN 200, K 9, internal polyurethane lining, EN 15655, external polyurethane coating, EN 15189, reinforced coating, EN 545, full-protection pipe system, vonRollhydrotight restrained thrust resistance system, extinguishing water requirement, hydrants, vonRollHY5000S, extinguishing water supply, vonRollecofit fittings, VS5000 full-protection gate valves, EN 14901, RAL GZ 662, vonRollecosys full-protection system, simple, quick, safe, install, Gerlos, in the Tyrol, summer, winter, upgrading, snow-making systems, skiing resort, Zillertal Arena, summer, Bergbahnen Gerlos, supply, snow lances, water, Fußalm, storage reservoir, ductile iron pipes, nominal sizes, DN 80, DN 400, pressure ratings, PN 40, PN 100, reliability, employees, piste operator, quick, easy, economic advantages, holding capacity, pipe network, snow makers, rehabilitation, drinking water pipeline, Halle (Saale), HWS (Hallesche Wasser und Stadtwirtschaft GmbH), residents, drinking water, road traffic, drinking water pipelines, water supply, cross-section of the pipelines, consumption rates, adapted, rehabilitation, major roads, inner-city area, main supply pipeline, Gütchenstraße, DN 600, grey cast iron/steel, old, pipeline, included, open trenches, cut-and-cover method, changes of direction, launch pits, target pits, pipe-by-pipe assembly process, BLS®/VRS®-T restrained push-in joints, pressure testing, ring area, isolated, isolating gate valves, construction stages, DN 1000, Hessenwasser GmbH & Co. KG, ring road, town of Raunheim, railway line, road bridge, Flörsheimer forest path, trunk main, drinking water, volume, operating pressure, 9 bar, area of the crossing, embankment, danger area, safety reasons, concrete thrust blocks, excavation material, reused, cement mortar coating, long operating life, section of pipeline, operation, all concerned, customers, during construction, during reconnection work

Apr. 2013 issue
Keywords: Vienna, Austria, whitewater course, European Whitewater Slalom Championships, world class course, New Danube river, competition course, flow of the water, rafting, canoe slalom, hydrospeed, freestyle, whitewater facility, ductile iron pipes, DN 600, finish basin, start, propeller pumps, combined output, start basin, free fall, riverbed, pumps, flow of whitewater, quality, long operating life, selecting the pipes, 1972 Summer Olympics, Munich, cement mortar coating (ZM-U), supply utility Wasserzweckverband Ahlenbrunnengruppe, Uttenweiler, connecting pipeline, Oggelshausen water meter manhole, Aichern pumping station, security of supply, ductile iron, TYTON® push-in joints, installation period, weather conditions, wintry, Ing. Büro Funk, Riedlingen, installing company Schick Georg Rohrleitungsbau e. K., freezing, renovation, Letten bridges, Aussersihler railway viaduct, Lake Zurich line, Zurich S-Bahn rail rapid transit system, stretch of track, pedestrians and cyclists, Kloster-Fahr-Weg, Sihlquai, corrosion protection, Civic Amenities and Disposal Department, City of Zurich, renovation of the bridges, drainage pipelines, bridge pipelines for drainage, EN 598, vonRollgeopur, DN 150, fittings, DN 150/100 all-socket tees with a 90° branch, connections, drainage inlets, drainage pipelines, protected monuments, requirements, pipelines, standard zinc/bitumen coating, anti-corrosion paint, iron structure, relieved, traffic, town of Schwäbisch Gmünd, tunnel, volume of traffic, B 29 federal highway, developed, local bypass, topographic reasons, tunnel, safety standards, rescue gallery, cross-passages, rescue vehicles, emergency telephone booths, pillar hydrants, fire-fighting pipeline, DN 250, BLS®, DN 300, DN 400, rainwater, settling basin for rain, water having been cleaned, pumping station, pressure pipeline, ductile iron sewer pressure pipes, DN 200, river Rems, receiving water, zinc and epoxy

Mar. 2012 issue
Keywords: Marking, ductile iron pipes, restrained flexible push-in joints, EADIPS®/FGR® 75, European manufacturers, products, Association standard, ductile iron, allowable operating pressure (PFA), EN 545, marking rules, performance, wall thickness, non-restrained pipes, user, Burgdorf’s water supply utility, replacement, drinking water transporting pipeline, on the cycle path route, Hasle, Burgdorf, Lützelflüh, canton of Berne, cycle network, Vennersmühle Wasserversorgung (VWV), first section of the installation work, autumn, 2012, summer, 2013, ductile iron pipes, vonRollecopur, DN 400, K 9, second section of the work, fully protected pipes, vonRollhydrotight thrust resistance system, trench, push-in joint system, simple, time-saving, safe installation, springs, valley, Dorf Tirol, South Tyrol, drinking water pipelines, drinking water springs, favourite tourist resort, town of Meran, yield of water from the springs, Bockerhütte mountain hut, preparatory work, route, Baubüro Ingenieurgemeinschaft of Bozen, difficult project, restrained ductile iron pipes, lining of high-alumina cement, long operating life, excavated material, backfill the trench, cement mortar coating, installed, rocky terrain, advantage, helicopter, means of transport, installation equipment, accessories, gulleys, streams, bridges, Tiroler Kreuz reservoir, total length, nominal sizes, DN 150, DN 200, security of supply, bypass pipelines, installation time, difficulties, drainage, retained cut, island of Rügen, traffic project, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, feeder road, Rügen, crossing of the Strelasund, Rügen bridge, island section, B 96n federal highway, bridges, noise barrier, villages of Altefähr and Samtens, railway tracks, cut, strings, ductile iron sewer pipes, TYTON® push-in joints, EN 598, main drainage pipelines, road, steel reinforcement, soil, concrete was poured, floating-up, wet concrete, easy assembly, flexible connections, vibrations, needles, concrete vibrators, completion, volume of traffic, vehicles a day, lorry traffic, port of Mukran, tailbacks in the holiday season

Feb. 2013 issue
Keywords: EADIPS, FGR, European Citizens’ Initiative, Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO), European Parliament, directive on the award of concession contracts, water supply companies, EU citizens, public water supply, privatisation, public water suppliers, views and opinions, BDEW, German Association of Energy and Water Industries, Information Wasserwirtschaft, proposed directive, no benefit, water, sanitation, human right, public good, not a commodity, claim and demand, proposed directive, EU, vote, WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL (WBI) 2013, member companies, exhibition stands, product developments, ductile iron pipe systems, Düker GmbH & Co. KGaA, Duktus Rohrsysteme Wetzlar GmbH, Duktus Tiroler Rohrsysteme GmbH, vonRoll hydro (deutschland) gmbh, vonRoll hydro (suisse) ag, 8th International Pipeline Symposium 2013, Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Rammelsberg, talk, use, penstock pipelines, information, burst lining technique, Lucerne, Château Gütsch, castles found in fairy tales, “Lucerne Climate Change Trail”, secure, grey cast iron pipeline, ductile iron pipes, DN 300, trenchless technique, conventional open trench laying, forest, trees, vonRollecopur, coating, EN 545, wall-thickness class K 9, integral internal and external coating, polyurethane, push-in joint, vonRollhydrotight, quality assurance, testing, DVGW Merkblatt GW 323, installation time, open trenches, trenchless installation, pulling-in process, ecosystem

Jan. 2013 issue
Keywords: HDD, municipality of Sinntal-Oberzell, Main-Kinzig district, water pipeline, DN 100, grey cast iron, DN 125, ductile iron, replaced, street known as “Zeil”, horizontal directional drilling, ductile iron pipes, cement mortar coating, BLS® joint system, high-pressure locks, rubber sleeve, sheet metal cone, drilling fluid, drinking water, treatment plant, service reservoir, pipeline, trench, control cable, BFT Bohr- und Frästechnik GmbH company, Waltershausen, Zehe GmbH company, Burkardroth-Premich in Bavaria, small hydroelectric power station project, Northern Italy, Belluno Dolomites National Park, Gosalda small hydroelectric power station, province of Belluno, earth moving work, penstock pipeline, difficult terrain, DN 600, restrained BLS® push-in joints, operating pressures PFA, 58 bars, DN 500, restrained VRS®-T push-in joints, 10 bars, route of the pipeline, steep rocky terrain, gradient, filling material, same material as was excavated, sand barriers, slipping, operating pressure, 56 bars, output, 3.5 MW, six-jet vertical Pelton turbines, pressure testing, regulations, nature protection authorities, replacement, DN 400, Kranichsteiner Straße, Darmstadt, HEAG Südhessische Energie AG (HSE), DN 300, fractures, secure, supply, drinking water transporting pipeline, zinc and epoxy coating, TYTON SIT PLUS® push-in joint, pressure raising station, size of the pipes, installation of the pipeline, path followed by the route, completely blocked off, HSE’s engineering department, planning, carrying out the installation work, ductile iron pipeline, operation, pipeline for fire-fighting water, Braun GmbH company, Kronberg, Taunus, P & G Global Device Center, Braun Werk, Scherteile, Kunststoffveredlung, grounds of the factories, ring main, sprinkler systems, C 40/K 9 class, zinc and epoxy external coating, pillar hydrants, take-off of fire-fighting water, earth cover, shoring, pipeline trench, installation of the pipeline, production, factory traffic, stone-free soil, safety regulations