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Newsletter 2012 EN

Nov./Dec. 2012 issue
Keywords: Pipelines for transporting water, “Sonnenberg” and “Reussport” autobahn tunnels, town of Lucerne, services ducts, upgrading, tunnel systems, pipelines to hydrants, vertical shafts, ductile iron pipes, vonRollecopur, DN 300, DN 500, DN 125, wall-thickness class K 9, fully protected ductile iron pipes, reinforced coating, EN 545, polyurethane, corrosion protection, climatic conditions in tunnels, galvanic corrosion, stray currents, formation of macrocells, “unburied” pipeline, ducts, vonRollhydrotight thrust resistance system, vonRollecofit fittings, integral epoxy coating, EN 14901, RAL GZ 662, water pipeline, Stadtwerke Rosenheim, “Kaltwies development”, district heating pipelines, drinking water pipelines, DN 200, Happinger Straße, main supply pipeline, grey cast iron, laid in 1950, “Duktus Zinc-Plus” type, BRS® restrained push-in joints, cement mortar, zinc-aluminium coating, finishing layer, operating pressure, tram line, town of Magdeburg, town’s Reform district, Bördepark, shopping centres, laying of this new tram line, supply pipelines, re-laid, DN 1000, reinforced concrete, rails, protective casing tube, cramped conditions, pipeline trench, installed, fittings, site, cut to length, guide for welding, manual welding equipment, technical support division, pipe supplier, site personnel, reinforced concrete pipeline, Frankfurt am Main airport, Terminal 3, laying of new, supply pipelines for drinking and non-drinking water, operations, aircraft parking positions, buildings, apron, taxiways, ramps 2 and 3, technical infrastructure, data and communication cables, electricity, drainage facilities, apron position, fire-extinguishing water, above-ground hydrant, DN 150, supplying the water, rate, ring main, drinking water, BRS® push-in joint, TYTON SIT PLUS® gasket, Fraport installation regulations, plans, sections of the airport to be built in future, connections, gate-valve-equipped intersections.  

Oct. 2012 issue
Keywords: Press/pull technique, Berlin, “Unter den Linden”, Brandenburg Gate, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, drinking water pipelines, replace, exactly the same route, trenchless technique, KARL WEISS Technologies GmbH, pipes of grey cast iron, cement mortar coated, ductile iron, nominal size, DN 150, DN 200, positive locking restrained joint, BLS®, assembly pits, interim pipelines, noise from the site, dust, earth-moving operations, parts of the street blocked off, environment is being sustained, replacement, pipeline to the Döttingen reservoir, infeed pipeline, ductile iron pipes, handling, assembly, steep terrain, installation, external thrust resistance system, vonRollhydrotight, Schiltihaldesteig, Rebbergstraße, fully protected pipes, vonRollecopur, winter months, streets, ductile iron pipe systems, pipeline of vonRollecopur fully protected pipes, DN 300, PFA of 16 bars, reinforced coating, EN 545, wall-thickness class K 9, integral internal and external coatings, polyurethane, vonRollhydrotight push-in joint, new monitoring system, ductile iron pipelines, Winnebach small hydroelectric power station, South Tyrol, municipalities of Terenten and Vintl, water-diverting hydroelectric power station, DN 600, floor of the Pustertal valley, fibre optic temperature measurements, heating-up method, fibre optic cable, draining material, ducts in hydroelectric power stations, dams, voltage, electrical conductors, rise in temperature, heat transfer field, to locate leaks, temperature difference, original measurement, measurement when heated up, water flowing round the cable, leak, interval between the points at which measurements are made, measurement, pressure pipeline, zeroing measurement, driving water, leaktight, spent, information density, methods of leak detection, town of Nidderau, sewer replacement, ductile iron sewer pipes, general drainage plan, being replaced, sewers, Eisenbahnstraße, Ziegelstraße, Ostheim district, surfacing of the streets, re-design, concrete pipes, camera surveys, leaks at the sockets, longitudinal and transverse cracks, hydraulic calculations, DN 500, TYTON® push-in joint, leaktightness, combined sewer, long operating life, environmental and economic sustainability.
Sep. 2012 issue
Keywords: Driven ductile iron piles, stabilise an access road, stabilising, roads and tracks, difficult terrain, technical aids, pile system, ductile iron pipes, advantage, compressive and tensile forces, bending moment, specialised underground construction industry, complete solution, expense of separate equipment, outside contractors, hydraulic excavator, operating weight, hydraulic hammer, breaker hammer, driving adapter, building, new access road, residential property, Tyrolean Regional Government, road building, municipality of Hintertux, Zillertal valley, economical use, static retaining system, crib wall, piles, refusal, path followed by the rock bed, depths, securing, water supply, Altenbuch, Miltenberg district of Lower Franconia, Stadtprozelten general administrative authority, Zweckverband zur Wasserversorgung der Stadtprozeltener Gruppe, drinking water, trunk main, Breitenbrunn pumping station, local network, field and forest footpaths, meadowland, open trenches, DN 100, K 10, PN 25, restrained TYTON SIT PLUS® push-in joints, BRS®, cement mortar coating (ZM-U), external protection, sand bedding, soil excavated, laying of the pipeline, service reservoir, water supply pipeline, rehabilitation, Goldinger pipeline, Hombrechtikon in the Swiss canton of Zurich, municipalities, on the shores of Lake Zurich, Stäfa, Männedorf, Uetikon, Meilen, springs, Lake Zurich, Goldingen, canton of St. Gallen, spring water, gravity, municipal reservoirs, year to install, cast iron pipeline, DN 275, caulked socket joints, part of the pipeline, operations committee of the Wasserversorgung Goldingen-Meilen supply utility, spring water pipeline, rehabilitation plan, capital investment, pipeline for transporting, vonRollecopur, DN 300, wall-thickness class K 9, stages, fully protected ductile iron pipes, integral polyurethane (PUR) lining and coating, EN 545, PUR lining is smooth and free of pores, excellent hydraulic performance, high mechanical loads, resistant, types of soil, run of pipeline, flexible, reliable, easily assembled, restrained push-in joint, vonRollhydrotight, Fig. 2806, WKG pipes, divide between the two Germanys, course of German history, services bridge, Allee nach Glienicke, Berlin, Potsdam Babelsberg, 2nd World War, bridge, Glienicker Lanke, Germany was divided, border region, East German enclave, West Berlin side, re-unification, thermally insulated ductile iron pipes (WKG pipes), DN 200, BLS® push-in joints, cross, at the bridge, dismantle, water pipeline with flanged joints, installing, easily assembled, outer shell of sheet metal, bridge abutments, bends, plain-ended pipe pieces, BLS® complete system, pressure conditions, frosty weather, safeguarding the flow, supply.
Jul./Aug. 2012 issue
Keywords: HDD technique, ductile iron pipes, DN 600, experience, Berlin Tiefenwerder, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, lay a new pipeline, pipeline for raw water, “Wuhlheide” inner-city waterworks, wetland biotope, drinking water protection zone, EN 545, K 9, restrained BLS® push-in joints, cement mortar coating, pilot bore, upsizing operations, pipe-by-pipe assembly, string of pipes, instruction, installing personnel, pipe supplier, traction head, joint protection, pressure test, tractive force, allowable angular deflection, replacement, transporting pipeline, Wasserbeschaffungsverband Upland, municipality of Willingen (in the Upland mountain region of Hesse), DN 200, control cables, empty ducts, federal highway B 251, village of Welleringhausen, installation, emergency DN 200 water supply pipeline, EN 15542, operating pressure, 25 bars, installation work, speedy, assembly, joints, changes of direction, thrust blocks, rugged external protection, material excavated, soil, Ossasco small hydroelectric power station, Northern Tessin, Valle Bedretto valley, Airolo, St. Gotthard Pass, Nufenen Pass, canton of Wallis, CEL Bedretto SA company, canton of Tessin, Riale Cristallina, generate, electricity, Valle Bedretto, water intake structure, turbine, turbine pipeline, rocky terrain, rock, pressure pipeline, vonRollecopur ductile iron pipes, wall thickness class K 7, vonRollecofit ductile iron fittings, thrust resistance systems, section of the pipeline, vonRollhydrotight, Fig. 2805, polyurethane coating, difficult terrain, pressure pipeline system, test pressure of 32 bars, construction period, output, section, Auer Ring ring water main, water supply utility Zweckverband Wasserwerke Westerzgebirge, trunk main, steel pipeline, drinking water pipes, DN 400, sloping ground, ZM-U, backfilling, stone inclusions, grain sizes, economical type, pipe, geodetic difference in height, going into operation.
Jun. 2012 issue
Keywords: 2012 Conference for College and University Lecturers, Zurich, ductile iron pipe systems, energy and water industries, FIHB (Fördergemeinschaft zur Information der Hochschullehrer für das Bauwesen), EADIPS®/FGR®, applying, developments, European ductile iron pipe industry, installation techniques, fields of application, vonRoll hydro (suisse) ag, college and university lecturers, papers of specialist interest, materials, installation techniques, Züricher Wasserversorgung, vonRoll casting (emmenbrücke) ag, ductile iron pipes, water pipelines, sewers, market town of Mering, Augsburg, ductile iron pipes, street renovation, Nikolaistraße, Marienplatz, “St. Afra” district, ductile iron sewer pipes, DN 100, DN 150, restrained BRS® push-in joints, TYTON SIT PLUS® gaskets, Zinc PLUS coating, DN 300, TYTON® push-in joints, resistant to root penetration, gas-tight, zinc coating, epoxy finishing layer, Caucasus, planners, PUR Longlife coating, Summer and Winter Tourism Complex, Azerbaijan, Shahdag, National Park, infrastructure, communications links and supply pipelines, roads, bridges, tourism project, stage of its development, ductile iron drinking water pipes, BLS®/VRS®-T pipes, DN 200, severe demands, laying situation, high-grade coating, secure joints, municipality of Schöntal, Bieringen, amalgamated municipality, Baden-Württemberg, Hohenlohe district, developing, “Flur” industrial park, K 9, cement mortar coating, consulting engineers, BLS® push-in joint, steep terrain, pipeline to be installed, quick safe and secure way, assembed, drinking water supply, town of Todtnau, high part of the Black Forest, deacidification system, costs of building and operating, Knappenquellen springs, Aftersteg service reservoir, divert the water, PN 16, difficult terrain, sand bedding, operating life, ductile iron pipeline, economic and technical sustainability, joints, high pressures.
May 2012 issue
Keywords: Crossing below, Erligraben canal, ductile iron pipes, HDD technique, irrigation canals, Großes Moos or Great Marsh, Seeland, cantons of Freiburg and Berne, growing of vegetables, pipeline for transporting drinking water, DN 300 nominal size, plans, trenchless installation, vonRollecopur, horizontal directional drilling technique, canal, curve in three dimensions, vertical radius, horizontal radius, offset laterally in translation, route of the pipeline, DVGW-Arbeitsblatt GW 321, Zweckverband Bodensee-Wasserversorgung, ductile iron, Zweckverband Besigheimer Wasserversorgungsgruppe, connecting pipeline, between Markgröningen and Unterriexingen, maximum operating pressure of 25 bars, DN 150, wall-thickness class K 10, cement mortar coating, installation of the pipeline, Bracke water tower, Markgröningen district, farm road, cycle track, L 1141 secondary road, jacked bore, Hohberg service reservoir, horizontal directional drilling project, Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, A 14 Rheintal autobahn, Trinkwasserverband Rheintal, supply of drinking water, market town of Lustenau, installed at a depth, surface of the road, BLS®/VRS®-T restrained push-in joints, section, laid in open trenches, PUR-TOP external protection, watercourse, culvert pipeline, spreader beam, trench, main supply pipeline, ductile iron sewer pipes, “Kinzigbogen”, civic authorities of the town of Hanau, railway-track building yard, Lamboy district, shopping centre, residential units, leisure facilities, total sales area, leisure and fitness facilities, parking spaces, road built for the development, industrial area, DN 400, EN 598, TYTON® push-in joint, residential area, material of the pipes, responsible for the road building, planning and design standards, constraints, drainage sewers.
Apr. 2012 issue
Keywords: Sewer connection, industrial park, Nidderau-Heldenbergen, drain, Stadtwerke Nidderau, loads, from trucks, DN 600 ductile iron sewer pipes, TYTON® push-in joints, development section, area of some 3000 m² of industrial land, sewer development and renovation operations, sustainability, good economic value, long operating life, costs, installation, quick and easy assembly, ductile iron pipe system, leaktight push-in joints, rugged material of the pipes, criteria for judging sustainability, re-laying, drinking water supply pipeline, building of the new “Schlossäckerstraße” housing estate, Kassel, DN 800 supply pipeline (of steel), Städtische Werke Aktiengesellschaft of Kassel, section, drinking water pipeline, route, deflectability, fittings, thrust blocks, restrained BLS® push-in joints, DN 600 ductile iron pipes, zinc/aluminium coating, finishing layer, drinking water consumption, pipeline cross-section could be reduced, welded beads needed to be applied, on-site instruction, pipe manufacturer, replacement, 100 year old cast iron pipeline, municipality of Eschenbach, Switzerland, renovation scheme, Fätzikon reservoir, open trenches, same route, DN 300, K 9, vonRollecopur, integral polyurethane internal and external coating, EN 545, reinforced coating, pipe joints, vonRollhydrotight internal thrust resistance system, fully protected ductile iron pipes, vonRollrock rock-protection coating, excavate the trenches, walking excavator, special-purpose vehicle, crane, all-wheel drive agricultural vehicle, forestry cable winch, easy assembly, short installation time, pipeline for rainwater drainage, Osthafen or Eastern Harbour, Berlin, transshipment point, industrial wasteland, warehouse buildings, fashion and media industries, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, rainwater drainage system, Danneckerstraße, poor soil conditions, small height of cover, heavy goods traffic, DN 800 ductile iron sewer pipes, EN 598, ductile iron manhole connectors, manholes of in-situ concrete, flexible connection, manhole, modernisation, converter, centrifugal casting foundry, Hall in Tirol, centrifugal casting machine, Duktus Tiroler Rohrsysteme GmbH, withdrawal per hour of molten iron, new platform, control console, alloying equipment, treatment with magnesium, access door to the treatment chamber, observation opening, channel furnace, central control console.
Mar. 2012 issue
Keywords: Trade fair, IFAT ENTSORGA 2012, EADIPS®/FGR®, member companies, ductile iron pipe systems, Messe München, EADIPS®/FGR® stand number 502, hall A 5, halls A 1 and A 4, hall B 6, latest applications, talks, Fair FORUM hall A 5, Fair Symposium, ICM room 14 b, practical applications, water industry, latest product developments, applications, water supplied, municipality of Lenningen, ductile iron pipes, Baden-Württemberg, Gutenberg district, gravity pipeline, DN 150, DN 100 filling pipeline, waterworks, service reservoir, hydraulic performance, restrained BLS® push-in joints, cement mortar coating (ZM-U), Schopfloch district, twin pipelines serving its service reservoir, Oberlenningen district, gravity pipeline running from its service reservoir, DN 250, Bozen, drinking water and sewage network, improve, drinking water and sewage situation, Gries district, installation, St. Georgen, Guntschna ,Sand districts, Tschöggelberg mountain ridge, Energie-Umweltbetriebe Bozen A.G. (SEAB), supply requirements, capital of the province of South Tyrol, DN 125, BLS®/VRS®-T, sewage pipeline, DN 200, reserve needed for fire-extinguishing water, geodetic difference in height, wall-thickness class K 9, secondary road, Jenesien, laying, steep stretches, helicopter, walking excavator, depth of the trench, uncomplicated, Hofstetterfeld development in Sursee, town of Sursee, Lake Sempach, schools, local transport, shopping facilities, new part of the town, building work, new apartments, development work, PFA of 16 bars, drinking water and development pipeline, vonRollecopur, integral polyurethane internal and external coatings, EN 545, reinforced coatings, fully protected pipes, DN 400, DN 500, vonRollhydrotight thrust resistance system, restricted space for the routeing of the trench, vonRollecofit fittings, integral epoxy coating, EN 14901, RAL GZ 662, vonRollecosys fully protected ductile iron system, easy, time-saving, safe to install.
Feb. 2012 issue
Keywords: Re-laying of a pipeline, crossing, river Emme, Burgdorf, damage, flooding, Civil Engineering Department, canton of Berne, flood protection scheme, reach of the river, urban area, deepening, Wangelefluh weir, ductile iron pipeline for transporting water, drinking water transporting pipeline, DN 300, PFA = 16 bars, K 9, EN 545, vonRollecopur push-in jointed fully protected pipe system, internal and external coatings, polyurethane, conventional open-trench technique, state of the pipeline was as good as new, section, external thrust resistance systems, ductile iron fittings, infrastructure, installation, new water pipeline, municipality of Bromskirchen, Rothaargebirge mountain range, Neuludwigsdorf, pressure pipeline, DN 100, PFA = 25 bars, ductile iron pipes, TYTON® push-in joints, external protection, zinc-aluminium, epoxy finishing layer, changes of direction, DVGW-Arbeitsblatt GW 368, restrained, BRS®, TYTON SIT PLUS®, angular deflections of 5°, 6 m long, difficult terrain, deadline, secure supply, long operating life, Frankfurt am Main, Sindlingen district, relining, DN 400, steel transporting pipeline, DN 700, 4th section, Netzdienste Rhein Main GmbH, network operator, energy and water supplier Mainova AG, straight route, reduction in size, pipe relining, DVGW-Arbeitsblatt GW 320-1, maximum design pressure MDP = 10 bars, wall-thickness class, cement mortar lining, cement mortar coating, BLS®, push-in joints, rubber sleeves, sheet-metal cones, sockets, old pipeline, allowable tractive force, assembly time, very economical, pulling in, pulling and installation pits, runs pulled in, debut, trenchless project, Hungary, properties, Budapest, steel pipeline, replaced, open trenches, traffic problems, relining technique, trenchless technique, DN 600, ZM-U, pulled-in run, installing company, traction head, pipe manufacturer, traction machine, Budapest Waterworks company, installing company, easy handling, ruggedness, design and development, installing personnel, support, plus points.
Jan. 2012 issue
Keywords: Frankfurt am Main Airport, supply of drinking water, supply of fire-extinguishing water, securing, Fraport AG, drinking water pipelines, Hinkelstein waterworks, transfer stations, DN 400, ductile iron, DN 350 grey cast iron pipes, protective casing tubes, federal highway B 43, Frankfurt-Cologne Intercity Express railway line, A 3 federal autobahn, sections of pipeline, replacement work, ductile iron pipes, restrained push-in joints, skids for sliding, rollers, concrete protective casing tubes, roads and railway, trenchless installation, open trenches, development in the south-west, 2nd phase of construction, Max Bögl GmbH & Co. KG company, infrastructure, operations area in the south-west, public works approval decision, pipes for non-drinking water, DN 300, PFA = 16 bar, wall thickness class K 9, EN 545, TYTON SIT PLUS®-restrained joints, zinc coating, green finishing layer, green external protection, identifying sign, hydrants, DN 150, DN 200, restrained BRS® push-in joints, coloured blue on the outside, water transporting pipeline, Müntschemier to Kerzers, Wasserverbund Großes Moos, water distribution networks, vonRollecopur fully protected pipes with push-in joints, coating, integral internal and external coatings, polyurethane (a PUR coating), municipality of Müntschemier, renovation, distribution network, canalised waterway to be crossed, horizontal direction drilling technique, pipeline, railway embankment, BLS AG railway company, trench milling machine, sliding trench bracing, bore by directional drilling, main Erligraben canalised waterway, ground, varying soil conditions, high water table, ground water, trench, dewatering through floor of trench, corrosive soil conditions, EN 15189, asphalted roads, meadows and cultivated land, Lombardy, Italy, turbine pipeline, pressure pipes, small hydroelectric power station, municipality of Monno, steel pipes, Alps, power station operator in South Tyrol, how well ductile iron pipe systems perform, connection by welding, easily assembed, BLS® system, lay the pipes, difficult terrain, pipe layer, a short timeframe, route, DN 800, PFA = 25 bar, steep slopes, rocky ground.