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Portable line at Berlin Tegel Airport

BLS makes it possible

In the vicinity of Berlin Tegel Airport, Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB) is planning to renovate a DN 1000 sewage pressure pipeline. During the construction phase the section of pipeline will be taken out of operation and additional measures will have to be temporarily implemented to take care of the drainage requirements. Berliner Wasserbetriebe has decided to route the wastewater above ground through an interim pipeline.

When choosing a suitable piping system, the emphasis was placed on uncomplicated, fast and secure assembly and removal of the 1,188 m long pipeline in the first construction section and this was taken into account when calculating costs. The decision went in favour of robust DN 800 ductile iron pipes with high-alumina cement mortar lining which are easy to handle with their 6.00 m lengths and are connected together with restrained BLS® push-in joints which do not involve any welding work.

With the BLS® push-in joint, locking against longitudinal forces is achieved by cast iron segments which are pushed into the thrust resistance chamber of the socket and rest against a circumferential welding bead at the spigot end of the pipe. The rounded design of the thrust resistant chamber means that each joint of the DN 800 sewage pressure pipeline has an angular deflection capability of up to 1.5° under full pressure loading. Once the pipe joint has been put together, the cast iron segments are each inserted into the socket windows arranged around the entire circumference in the crown of the pipe. Particularly important is the subsequent “stretching” of the joint to lock the segments and the additional securing of the segments by means of a clamping strap. The sewage pressure pipeline is then ready for operation straight away. Once the construction work is finished, the interim line will be dismantled again. The pipeline will be drained, the thrust resistance segments will be removed and the pipes will be pulled apart. They will then be able to be used again at another location without problem.


Portable line near Berlin Tegel Airport

Course of the portable line along a forest road

In summary, BLS® stands for:

Bewährtes Material – Tried and tested material
Leichte Montage und Demontage – Ease of assembly and dismantling
Sichere Verbindung –Secure pipe connection