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Pipes for the installation in utility tunnels

Again pipes with BLS® score

In some parts of Berlin-Tegel Airport the fire-extinguishing water system was in need of renovation. Ductile iron pipe systems were used, installed in the utility tunnel under the circular airport building. This meant that disruptions to flight check-in traffic in the outside area could be very largely avoided, apart from replacing the hydrants. During construction work fire protection
regulations for construction and operation had to be observed by the company during the work. All in all, 480 m of DN 150 drinking water pipes in wall thickness class K9 with the proven, positive locking BLS® push-in joints were installed. Assembly of the BLS® push-in joints is extremely simple and the ideal solution for installation in utility tunnels.

In addition to the installation of the pipeline along the straight sections of the tunnel (“race tracks”) they had to be swivelled over fire doors, under distribution boxes and through other types of openings. The work in these often tight installation conditions not only demanded some very exact preparation by the installation company, but also the development of a great many auxiliary structures. In addition, in these areas some adaptor fittings had to be produced and in each case welding beads had to be applied on the spigot ends to produce the positive locking joints. After a short running-in time, the work was carried out quickly and to a high quality standard.