Publication series EADIPS FGR DATA + FACTS

The folders DATA + FACTS give an insight into different areas of production, installation and operation of ductile iron pipe systems.

Previously published:

  • Folder Trench shoring systems
  • Folder Resource efficiency of ductile iron pipe systems
  • Folder Stormwater management with ductile iron pipes
  • Folder Root resistance of ductile iron pipe joints
  • Folder Digitalisation of the water industry


  • Folder Products and applications of ductile iron pipe systems
  • Flyer Standards
  • Folder Production of iron pipes, fittings and valves from ductile iron
  • Folder Installation of ductile iron pipe systems
  • Folder Operation of ductile iron pipe systems

Trench shoring systems

Installation is characterised by three possible options. They demonstrate the installation of ductile iron pipes for water supply and wastewater disposal using edge-supported trench shoring units. …


Resource efficiency

Ductile cast iron systems are produced in an environmentally compatible way, they guarantee trouble-free network operation and they are characterised by a long working life. Ductile cast iron is a material which can be used in many areas of pipeline technology and, because of its superior technical properties, offers long-term security and cost advantages …


Stormwater management

The consequences of climate change affect life in cities in different ways. Drainage systems cannot always cope with the volumes of stormwater occurring during torrential storms. Flooding and cellars awash with water are already a consequence. During the hot spells of summer, surfaces …


Root resistance

Root penetration into wastewater pipelines is a frequent cause of damage. The aim of research projects has been to find the causes of root penetration scientifically and describe the mechanisms involved when roots penetrate pipe systems. During excavations it has been established that roots …



When it comes to drinking water quality and security of supply, German water supply companies are absolutely top class. Global warming, pollution, the effects of heavy rainfall and the need to design processes more effectively therefore require an offensive on the subject of digitalisation for the future …