Sustainability criteria

Economically superior

Investing in ductile iron pipe system pays for itself in low installation and operating costs with, at the same time, an extremely long operating life!

Environmentally superior

Ductile iron pipe systems can be shown to produce true sustainability!

Technically superior

The technical performance of ductile iron pipe systems ensures the highest safety and reliability in all areas of the water industry!



Interactive sustainability: 
Filter the advantages of ductile cast iron pipes by keyword according to their aspects and areas of use.

impermeability to diffusionsafeguards drinking water in all soil and installation
conditions against environmentally damaging
hydrocarbons and the groundwater when sewage
is being transported
linings approved to food hygiene standardsensure hygienic and environmentally safe transport
of drinking water
scrap as the raw materialminimises the consumption of primary and fossil raw
materials and reduces CO2 emissions
ductile iron can be recycledsaves resources for present and future generationsEnvironmetallyProduction
low expenditure on maintenance and repair costs over a long operating lifeavoids waste, minimises the consumption of resources and reduces CO2 emissionsEnvironmetallyOperation
push-in joints make for highly productive installationreduces labour costsEconomicallyInstallation
no welding neededreduces labour costsEconomicallyInstallation
installation in all weathersreduces labour costsEconomicallyInstallation
sand bedding often not requiredreduces materials and logistics costsEconomicallyInstallation
concrete thrust blocks not needed when joints are restrained reduces materials and logistics costsEconomicallyInstallation
joints can be deflected angularly saves on fittingsEconomicallyInstallation
wide range of fittings and valves available so no need for specialsreduces materials and labour costsEconomicallyProduction, Installation
extremely low damage ratesreduces operating, energy, repair and maintenance costsEconomicallyOperation
operating life of up to 100 years or morekeeps renovation budgets to a minimumEconomicallyOperation
the material is strongallows operating pressures up to 100 barsTechnicallyProduction, Operation
effective external protectionshields against mechanical and chemical attackTechnicallyProduction, Operation
static load-bearing capacityallows very high stresses in the transverse and longitudinal directionsTechnicallyOperation
jointsallow operating pressures up to 100 bars; are resistant
to root penetration
ductile ironis non-combustibleTechnicallyOperation
installation is possible with no special equipment TechnicallyOperation
restrained jointsallow very high tractive forces and are therefore ideal for trenchless installationTechnicallyInstallation, Operation
the material has superior properties which allow special applications in mountainous regions,
for fire-fighting pipelines, snow making systems and hydroelectric power-stations

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