Media Portfolio

Newsletter EADIPS FGR

The online Newsletter appearing every month informs specialists in the field about interesting, cutting-edge European pipeline projects as well as the many diverse activities of EADIPS FGR.

Annual Journals EADIPS FGR

With expert contributions and informative photos and illustrations, the annual journal documents sustainable and universal technical possibilities for the use of ductile iron pipe systems.

Ductile iropn pipe systems manual

The manual “Ductile iron pipe systems” provides planning engineers, users and instructors with comprehensive technical knowledge about ductile iron pipe systems – pipes, fittings and valves.

Sustainability criteria EADIPS FGR

In 2012, the EADIPS FGR and its member companies organised a campaign to assess the sustainability of ductile iron pipe systems – pipes, fittings and valves – under the slogan Sustainability superior – ductile iron pipe systems.