Renewal of the drinking water supply in Val Terbi

Swiss Canton of Jura

In the Swiss Canton of Jura, to the east of the Canton’s capital of Delémont, a merging of municipalities on 1st January 2013 joined the three villages of Vermes, Vicques and Montsevelier to become the political municipality of Val Terbi. It was originally planned that additional villages should be part of the new municipality, but in a referendum in 2012 the communities of Courroux, Courchapoix, Corban and Mervelier rejected the idea of joining.

But before this, in 2011 and after many years of preparatory work by the municipalities of Corban, Courchapoix, Mervelier, Montsevelier and Vicques, the SEVT (Syndicat des Eaux Val Terbi) water syndicate of Val Terbi was established in order to achieve an organised plan of renewal for the long-term and sustainable operation of the regional water supply.

In autumn 2016, extensive construction work was undertaken for replacing the ageing drinking water supply network for the municipalities belonging to the SEVT.

The centrepieces of the renovation work are the new connecting pipelines between the villages of Mervelier and Vicques, with the following construction stages:

  • the transport pipeline from the “Combe des As” pumping station in Mervelier to the “La Doux” reservoir between Mervelier and Montsevelier
  • the transport pipeline from the “La Doux” reservoir, through Corban and Courchapoix and on to the reservoir at Vicques


Erneuerung Trinkwasserversorgung

Transport pipeline between the villages of Mervelier and Vicques during installation work.

Because of the superior economically, ecologically and technically sustainable characteristics of ductile iron pipe systems, the client – SEVT – decided in favour of Swiss vonRoll ECOPUR full-protection pipes in ductile cast iron for the renewal of its drinking water supply.

The ECOPUR pipes, produced in accordance with EN 545, are integrally coated, inside and out, with polyurethane (PUR). The vonRoll ECOFIT fittings used have an epoxy coating to GSK/RAL-GZ 662. All the push-in joints in the piping system were secured with the restrained vonRoll HYDROTIGHT thrust resistance system.

For the improvement of the drinking water infrastructure in the participating villages, additional renovation projects are already in progress or due to start shortly.

The official inauguration ceremonies for the new drinking water supply will take place at the beginning of September 2017.

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