Standards are a prerequisite for ensuring that complex technical systems operate correctly; ductile iron pipe systems are systems of this kind. There are national, European and international standards and rules for ductile iron pipe systems such for example as those issued by bodies such as DIN, ÖVGW, VSA, GSK, CEN or ISO. As well as these, there are also EADIPS FGR Standards issued by the EADIPS FGR. The Standards Database is a database of the standards, guidelines, directives, rules and other codes which are of importance for ductile iron pipe systems. For the full members of the EADIPS®/FGR®, in their capacity as manufacturers of ductile iron pipes, fittings and valves, the EADIPS FGR Quality Seal governs the requirements which their products have to meet.

Standards Database

Grouped together in the EADIPS FGR Standards Database are international, European and national standards and rules connected with ductile iron pipe systems.

It is envisaged that the following standards and rules will be covered in the database in the near future:


DVGW, DWA, Other rules


Standard Description
EADIPS FGR 30 Ductile iron pipes, fittings and valves – Lengths of bolts for flanged joints
EADIPS FGR 33 Ductile iron pipes and fittings – Marking of ductile iron pipes and fittings
EADIPS FGR 37 Ductile iron fittings – Weld-on branches – Dimensions
EADIPS FGR 59 Ductile iron fittings – End caps for sockets – Dimensions
EADIPS FGR 61 Quality assurance for ductile iron pipes and fittings for sewer pipelines – Requirements and test methods
EADIPS FGR 70 Ductile iron fittings – Socket spigot-bends – Dimensions
EADIPS FGR 71 Ductile iron fittings – Doubled flanged bends – Dimensions
EADIPS FGR 72 Ductile iron fittings – Angle branches – Dimensions
EADIPS FGR 73 Ductile iron fittings – Double socket tees with flanged branch and all-flanged tees – Dimensions
EADIPS FGR 74 Ductile iorn fittings and walves – Packaging of ductile iron fittings and valves
EADIPS FGR 76 Push-in joints for ductile iron pipe systems – Root resistance – Requirements and test methods

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