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Ductile Iron Pipe Systems manual: Calculating wall thicknesses for ductile iron pipes

The Ductile Iron Pipe Systems manual provides planners, construction companies and network operators, as well as higher education and training institutions, with an overview of current expertise in the field of ductile cast iron pipes, valves and fittings. The individual chapters are regularly checked to make sure they are up to date and revised by the EADIPS …

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Energy from water – clean electricity for Dorfgastein

The Austrian Federal Forestry Office (Österreichische Bundesforste AG or ÖBf) has special responsibility for the natural resources and habitats of the Republic of Austria. Sustainability is the number one principle here: only take out as much as grows back. In order to be able to supply around …

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IFAT-Premiere Tiroler Rohre With its own stand under the umbrella of the Lower Austrian Chamber of...

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