Blog producing pipes, fittings and valves made of ductile iron

100 cast iron drinking fountains combat the plastic bottles

With the presentation of the “Blue Community” certificate on 23 October 2018 Berlin has officially received the Blue Community designation. With this certificate, presented to the Berlin Senate, the City subscribes to the principles of a Blue Community, thereby committing itself to the following four principles …

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Circulago – Heating and cooling from the waters of Lake Zug

Circulago is a future-oriented project to supply the town of Zug and the southern part of Baar with environment-friendly heating and cooling energy derived from the water of Lake Zug. With the so-called people’s initiative “2000 Watts for Zug” with the aim of developing the values of a 2000 Watt society …

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Interim pipelines in ductile cast iron are the best

When supply pipelines or sewage systems still in operation need to be replaced, renovated or even repaired, the engineering involved for ensuring a secure supply or disposal service in the meantime is not to be underestimated. In branched local networks supplying drinking water, the section concerned can usually be closed …

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Hydrants made of cast iron with spheroidal graphite

Hydrants are water supply network shut-off devices that enable fire brigades, road maintenance companies and street cleaning companies, among others, to directly withdraw water from the public water supply network. Hydrants are also used to flush and ventilate pipe networks. A distinction is made between underground and pillar hydrants …

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Turbine pipeline for the Seebachschleife hydropower plant

Seebachschleife is located in the municipality of Bayerisch Eisenstein in the Regen district of Lower Bavaria, Germany. As far back as 1934, the glassgrinding factory in Seebachschleife – now a listed building – was using water power as its energy source. In 1997 the hydroelectric power plant changed hands …

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