Besichtigung des Wasserbehälters im Wasserturm am Wienerberg
Erster internationaler Kongress Guss-Rohrsysteme in Wien
Wasserbehälter am Rosenhügel – Wien


To inform the public about the specific specialised knowledge which exists on the subject of ductile iron pipe systems (pipes, fittings and valves) and about training and education at all levels relating to ductile iron pipe systems. To present the technical and scientific advantages of the ductile iron pipe system for transporting drinking water, waste water and sewage and for all installation techniques. To promote the use of ductile iron pipe system among planners, installers and operators. To collaborate on national, European and international standardisation on all matters relating to the use of ductile iron pipe systems.


The FGR (Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme e.V. – Cast Iron Pipe System Association) originated from the Deutscher Gießerei Verband or Germany Foundry Association and for decades it represented and co-ordinated the interests of German member companies producing pipes and fittings made of ductile iron in the following areas: standardisation, technical consultancy and advice and training and education. The FGR operated from 1953. The beginning of 2010 saw the FGR become a European association (EADIPS FGR) representing the interests of member companies producing pipes, fittings and valves made of ductile iron.