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Updating Calculating wall thicknesses for ductile iron pipes in the EADIPS FGR manual

The Ductile Iron Pipe Systems manual provides planners, construction companies and network operators, as well as higher education and training institutions, with an overview of current expertise in the field of ductile cast iron pipes, valves and fittings. The individual chapters are regularly checked to make sure they are up to date and revised by the EADIPS technical committee if necessary. In addition, the manual is supplemented by new, user-oriented chapters.

Calculating wall thicknesses for ductile iron pipes

Because of changes in European regulations, Chapter 5 “Pipe design and wall thickness calculation” (edition 04-2008) has been revised and replaced by the new Chapter 5 “Wall thickness calculation for ductile iron pipes“ (edition 08-2018).

The Chapter 5 now covers the following points:

  • Explanation and illustration of the stresses in the pipe wall of push-in-joints and restrained socket joints
  • Development of minimum pipe wall thicknesses
  • The effect of longitudinal bending strength and ring stiffness on the calculation of pipe wall thickness dimensions
  • Comparison of wall thickness classes (K-classes) and pressure classes (C-classes) for non-restrained flexible pipes
  • The effect of restrained socket joints on the wall thickness of ductile iron pipes


Chapter 5 has been published in both the German-language version Handbuch Guss-Rohrsysteme and the English-language version Ductile Iron Pipe Systems manual. Both versions can be downloaded as interactive ebook free of charge via the www.eadips.org homepage.