Compliance guidelines

I Preliminary remark
The term compliance sums up the readiness and commitment of companies and their employees to act in accordance with the law. Compliance demands more than the observance of written law. Adherence to the principles of free and fair competition and the legislation protects the reputation of a company, avoids claims for compensation and prevents state sanctions and fines. The members of the Association and their employees consider compliance to be a condition and an obligation for their activities.


II Obligations

1. Cartel law
The law on cartels protects free competition against price fixing and restrictive business practices. The EADIPS FGR carries out public relations work for its members. These are companies who are also in competition with one another. The work of the EADIPS FGR is therefore exclusively oriented around the constitution of the Association, the purpose and remit of which is to promote the common and idealistic interests of a sector, but not those of individual members. Accordingly, any practices which restrict competition and any exertion of influence or promotion of such practices are proscribed. Discussions with the aim of reaching agreements about production or delivery quantities, prices and customer relations or the hindrance of competition are not permitted.

2. The accepting and granting of advantages
In the context of their activities and in their contacts with representatives of authorities and companies, representatives of the Association will actively prevent any attempt to exert influence by the accepting or granting of benefits for company or official decisions. Undertakings or promises of advantages or the prospect of advantages are not permissible. The acceptance of hospitality benefits must not exceed what is usual in the context of business practices. Hospitality expenses must be appropriate and avoid giving the impression that a service in return is expected or anticipated.

3. Intellectual property rights, copyright
Lectures and publications of all kinds are to be designed in such a way that provisions regarding the protection of third-party intellectual property and the safeguarding of fair competition are observed.

4. Data protection and confidentiality
Data protection legislation is to be strictly observed. All employees and representatives of institutions must ensure the confidentiality of all information and knowledge obtained from members or other parties to proceedings during and after the end of their work with the Association.


III. Compliance guidelines for member companies
Compliance guidelines for member companies are to be observed and in case of doubt are also to be additionally consulted and taken into account when collaborating in committees and bodies of the EADIPS FGR. Improper conduct according to the rules of the member company is also not permitted in the context of activities for the EADIPS FGR.


IV. Legal questions
Even in the event of an attempt at a prohibited exertion of influence or conduct within the meaning of point II points 1-4 and in all cases of legal uncertainty, the management board and/or executive are to be informed without delay. They will decide whether and which legal measures, where applicable for a binding legal clarification, or other legal proceedings should be taken.

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