The Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme (FGR) e.V. is a technical and scientific association whose membership comprises European companies producing pipes, fittings and valves made of ductile iron.  The association also operates under the English-language name European Association for Ductile Iron Pipe Systems ∙ EADIPS. Through its public relations work, the association endeavours to ensure that there is an idea that is firmly rooted in the minds of those who make professional use of these products or who take a specialist interest in them, namely that all the tasks connected with the transportation of drinking water, waste water and sewage can be performed easily, safely, reliably and economically with the ductile iron pipe system (pipes, fittings and valves).


Large-dimension interim pipeline with cast iron systems

Positive locking and flexible thrust-resistant systems have extended the range of application of ductile cast iron systems and shown that they can withstand all loads produced by internal and external forces. In the construction and during the operation of pipelines with restrained joints in tunnels and under bridges, when used with the application of trenchless installation techniques …

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Anergy networks with ductile iron pipes

The main focus of the so called Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 lies in the use of local, renewable energy sources. Their most important aims are a sustainable guarantee of energy supply, consistent development of existing energy efficiency potentials, reduction of CO2 emissions and full utilisation of existing potentials of new renewable energy sources.

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Briefly introduced: New generation of strainers

The ERHARD Strainer F3 10 in straight seat design is suitable for the protection of control valves, water meters, etc. It is used in water supply, water treatment, irrigation networks and pumping stations. It is offered in the nominal widths DN 50 to DN 250 and in the pressure stages PN 10, PN 16 and PN 25.

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Extreme challenges for 55 km of a cast drinking water pipeline

Extreme temperatures from -40 °C to +30 °C, challenging gradients, a very narrow time frame and transport logistics which, because of the remoteness of the site, presented some serious snags: all this was expected by cast iron pipe manufacturers Tiroler Rohre (TRM) in Mongolia …

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A secure drinking water supply even at times of flooding

From the afternoon of 8 August 2007 until the morning of 9 August 2007, the volume of rainfall in the Swiss valley of the River Birs reached unexpected dimensions: between 90 and 120 mm of rain fell there in just 15 hours. “Normally this represents the total average rainfall for a month …

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Economically superior

Investing in ductile iron pipe system pays for itself in low installation and operating costs with, at the same time, an extremely long operating life!

Environmentally superior

Ductile iron pipe systems can be shown to produce true sustainability!

Technically superior

The technical performance of ductile iron pipe systems ensures the highest safety and reliability in all areas of the water industry!

Annual Journal 54
– 2020 –

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