The Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme (FGR) e.V. is a technical and scientific association whose membership comprises European companies producing pipes, fittings and valves made of ductile iron.  The association also operates under the English-language name European Association for Ductile Iron Pipe Systems ∙ EADIPS. Through its public relations work, the association endeavours to ensure that there is an idea that is firmly rooted in the minds of those who make professional use of these products or who take a specialist interest in them, namely that all the tasks connected with the transportation of drinking water, waste water and sewage can be performed easily, safely, reliably and economically with the ductile iron pipe system (pipes, fittings and valves).


Enamelling – secret ingredient for successful use

Today, more than 130 million m³ of purest drinking water flow annually through a 1,700 km long pipeline network from Lake Constance to the Odenwald forest. The 183 members of the Zweckverband Bodensee-Wasserversorgung (towns, municipalities and other special-purpose water supply associations) supply 320 municipalities …

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Installation of a sewer of ductile iron pipes on a steep slope

Framed by the idyllic backdrop of high mountain peaks, sun and snow spoiled: the Nassfeld in the Carnic Alps attracts tourists in their thousands every year. communities and investors in the region want to develop yet more tourist structures and/or extend existing ones …

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100 cast iron drinking fountains combat the plastic bottles

With the presentation of the “Blue Community” certificate on 23 October 2018 Berlin has officially received the Blue Community designation. With this certificate, presented to the Berlin Senate, the City subscribes to the principles of a Blue Community, thereby committing itself to the following four principles …

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Circulago – Heating and cooling from the waters of Lake Zug

Circulago is a future-oriented project to supply the town of Zug and the southern part of Baar with environment-friendly heating and cooling energy derived from the water of Lake Zug. With the so-called people’s initiative “2000 Watts for Zug” with the aim of developing the values of a 2000 Watt society …

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Economically superior

Investing in ductile iron pipe system pays for itself in low installation and operating costs with, at the same time, an extremely long operating life!

Environmentally superior

Ductile iron pipe systems can be shown to produce true sustainability!

Technically superior

The technical performance of ductile iron pipe systems ensures the highest safety and reliability in all areas of the water industry!

Annual Journal 53
– 2019 –

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