The Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme (FGR) e.V. is a technical and scientific association whose membership comprises European companies producing pipes, fittings and valves made of ductile iron.  The association also operates under the English-language name European Association for Ductile Iron Pipe Systems ∙ EADIPS. Through its public relations work, the association endeavours to ensure that there is an idea that is firmly rooted in the minds of those who make professional use of these products or who take a specialist interest in them, namely that all the tasks connected with the transportation of drinking water, waste water and sewage can be performed easily, safely, reliably and economically with the ductile iron pipe system (pipes, fittings and valves).

Extinguishing water pipeline of ductile cast iron in the new Swiss Galgenbuck tunnel

Ductile iron pipe systems have proved their worth for extinguishing water pipelines in road tunnels for decades now and in case of fire events they are extremely reliable for delivering firefighting water. After the opening of the A4 bypass in August 1996 there was a steady and enormous change …

Modernisation of drinking water treatment plants with ductile cast iron valves

According to its company philosophy “think global – act local”, ecological considerations are an essential part of the strategy concept of the Sindelfingen municipal utilities. One of these ecological considerations concerns the Sindelfingen waterworks: since its construction in 1977 it had started to age …

Ductile cast iron extinguishing water pipelines in the Belchen rehabilitation tunnel

The Belchen motorway tunnel, opened in December 1970, is one of the most important sections of the North-South route through Switzerland with around 50,000 vehicles driving through it every day. The 3.2 km long, twin-tube Belchen tunnel runs through highly expansive layer of plaster (Gipskeuper) for approximately …

SkiWelt Brixen im Thale equipped for the future

In July 2018, a construction project was started in Brixen im Thale in preparation for the major Zinsberg cable railway planned for next year. During the course of this construction work, the existing snowmaking pipeline is being rerouted and its pipe dimensions enlarged …

Turbine pipeline for the Seebachschleife hydropower plant

Seebachschleife is located in the municipality of Bayerisch Eisenstein in the Regen district of Lower Bavaria, Germany. As far back as 1934, the glassgrinding factory in Seebachschleife – now a listed building – was using water power as its energy source. In 1997 the hydroelectric power plant changed hands …

Economically superior

Investing in ductile iron pipe system pays for itself in low installation and operating costs with, at the same time, an extremely long operating life!

Environmentally superior

Ductile iron pipe systems can be shown to produce true sustainability!

Technically superior

The technical performance of ductile iron pipe systems ensures the highest safety and reliability in all areas of the water industry!

Annual Journal 53
– 2019 –

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